The ultimate guide for Jaisalmer camping

The ultimate guide for Jaisalmer camping


This holiday season, if you wish to indulge in an experience that takes you on a religious, cultural and adventurous journey, all in one trip, then the Jaisalmer Camping trip is what you are looking for. 

Amidst the golden sands of the Thar desert, lies the Sam Sand Dunes which has become popular among tourists who wish to experience the authentic Rajasthani culture. 

There are plenty of things for you to do and thus you must plan your trip in a way that you can make the most out of your stay in Jaisalmer. At night, you will get to experience sleeping in the tents at the campsite and this will make your trip to Jaisalmer even more exciting and memorable. 

How to Reach?

If you are traveling to Rajasthan from other parts of the world then you will have to arrive at Jodhpur Airport and then travel by road for a few hours to reach Jaisalmer. 

A cheaper and more convenient option is traveling by train to Jaisalmer and you can savor the lush greenery of North-western India before it gives way to the vast beige desert. 

The most preferred way of going from Jodhpur to Jaisalmer is by road as it is only 44 kilometers at a distance  from the former.  The Sam Sand Dunes is located in Kanoi, Rajasthan and is the perfect place for  you and your family as well as friends to have a good time together. 

Best time to travel

During the summer months of April to June and sometimes even July, the temperature in the region is generally high and you cannot explore the streets of Jaisalmer or participate properly in most of the activities because you might get a heatstroke or severe sunburn if your skin is sensitive. However, since there are fewer tourists during this period, the hotel rates are lesser. 

After the monsoon months of September and October, the peak tourist season starts as the temperature goes down and the weather is good for traveling. Since the skies remain clear, most of the adventure activities like parasailing, desert safari etc are available for you to enjoy. 

Apart from this, there are several festivals that take place during this time so it makes for a wholesome trip. The prices may increase but you should try and book your tickets in advance to get some discount and lower rates.

About Jaisalmer Camping 

The Camping experience in Jaisalmer will always remain with you because it brings together all the elements for a perfect vacation. However, you might have some unique requirements and would like to plan your vacation according to your preferences. 

There are several packages that cater to your needs and you can choose from them. You can start by choosing the kind of tent that you want to stay in such as the royal Swiss tents, the AC luxury tents or the Air cooler tents. 

If you are going to stay for 3 days and 2 nights then some accommodations charge 13999 INR while for the Sam Sand Dunes package of 1 night and 2 days, the cost is 8999 INR.

Camping Itinerary 

Rajasthan is one place that brings you closer to your Indian heritage, its cultural rituals and practices. Once you enter any of the camps in Sam sand Dunes, you will be given a warm welcome in an Indian style with an Aarti and Tika. Later, you will be served with a traditional welcome drink which will instantly make you feel rejuvenated and recharge your energy after a hectic journey. 

After you have settled down on your respective tents, you will be driven to the locations where most of the activities are to take place. Have a fun-filled time trying your hand at new things and share these priceless moments with your loved ones. 

Towards the evening, you will be escorted for the camel rides, and as you make your way through the beige sand dunes, you will get to witness the beautiful sunset that will lend a golden hue to your surroundings. 

After this, you will be heading back to your campsite for scrumptious evening snacks and drinks accompanied with cultural performances. These include folk dance performances such as Ghoomar and folk songs  by the Langas. 

This will be followed by puppet shows, a local form of entertainment, and an exciting magic show will amuse every visitor. For dinner, relish the authentic Rajasthani cuisines and try dishes such as Dal Baati Choorma, Gatte ki Sabzi, Panchratna Dal, Laal Maas and Balusahi. End the night by sharing stories and making new friends around the bonfire before you retire for the night.

Camping Checklist 

Since you will be spending most of your time outdoors, you should carry all the essentials with you such as sunscreen, mosquito repellent, first aid kits, prescribed medicines, battery backups and flashlights. 

In terms of clothing, you should carry loose and airy clothes that help you breathe in these hot conditions but also carry one or two woolen clothes to keep you warm at night when the temperature drops and it gets cold. You should also be carrying all your identification documents for the various rides and activities as sometimes the authorities might want to verify your details. 

Activities Besides Camping 

Camel rides: Costing each individual 249-500 INR, the camel safari in Jaisalmer is an unforgettable experience. You will be escorted to the camel safari pick up points and from here on, you will be accompanied by a rider who will help you during the tour. 

Camel rides are the best when you can see the mesmerizing sunrise and sunsets. The timings are therefore between 5 AM and 8 AM and then in the second half from 5 PM to 7 PM. As you make your way through the sand dunes for an hour, appreciate the beauty of mother nature.

Quad Biking and ATV Rides : 

If you are an adventure junkie then this activity is meant for you. As you ride the powerful ATVs and navigate your way amidst the sand dunes, you will feel exhilarated and a sense of freedom. 

For these rides, you will have to follow certain guidelines though. Quad Biking is not recommended for children below 5 years of age, those who suffer from chronic backaches and are suffering from any ailment, as well as pregnant women. 

The maximum weight capacity is 120 kilograms. The Thar desert comes alive with so many participants and the adrenaline in the air makes it a lot more exciting.

Jeep Safari and Dune Bashing: 

The other mode of traveling in Sam Sand Dunes are jeeps and SUVs. Jeep Safari is extremely popular among tourists who want to explore the entire region in comfort. 

As you traverse the golden sands, you will be able to stop and admire the splendid vistas and click photographs to capture its beauty. For individuals who want some amount of thrill in their activities, Dune Bashing is the one for you. Traveling by the Toyota Fortuner, you can glide over the sands and indulge in off-roading at various speeds which ushers a sense of thrill. 

Parasailing: Imagine viewing the vast expanse of the Thar Desert from above the ground as the wind gushes by. Another sport for the adventure enthusiasts is parasailing which lets you go up in the sky for close to half an hour and witness the beauty of Jaisalmer. 

You will have to report early to the base camp and attend the session where instructions will be shared. You will be assigned a guide who will be operating the device and guide you throughout. If you wish, you can capture this unique experience using GoPros and keep it as a core memory.

Desert Festival: 

Taking Place in the month of February, this festival is a vibrant carnival that attracts tourists from all over the world. During this festival, you will come across so many people decked up in vibrant traditional attires and you will feel closer to the place's culture. 

There is a gamut of events lined up which will not give you a single moment to be bored such as the Camel races, the folk dance and song performance including fire dance, puppets shows and Maru Sri beauty pageants. 

The local stalls sell artisanal products, handicrafts and handlooms which you must purchase as souvenirs for your close ones. During your stay here, do not forget to enjoy the lip-smacking street food available at every corner.

Places to visit 

As you leave Sam Sand Dunes, keep a day ro two for exploring the golden city of Jaisalmer. You can visit the majestic Jaisalmer Fort, the glistening Gadsar Lake and architectural marvel of Patwon ki Haveli. 

This city is also known for its religious significance so you must visit the Jain Temples within Jaisalmer Fort, the Tanot Mata Temple among others. You can also go on a tour which will take you through the most popular tourist attractions of Bada Bagh, Lodhruva, Vyas Chhatri, Nathalie ki Haveli and countless other places.


Jaisalmer Camping trip brings to you elements that enrich your travel experiences. Whether it is because of the different activities that you participate in or the vibrant places that you visit, there will always be  a special place reserved for Jaisalmer in your hearts. Book your trip to Rajasthan now!

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