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Re-evaluate Your Digital Marketing Strategy For Growth Hacking

Re-evaluate Your Digital Marketing Strategy For Growth Hacking

Digital marketing is leading the way when it comes to advertisement and promotion. Because of human nature, everything that they find usable or marketable, they find ways to market it in new ways than they did before.

That thinking exactly has caused the birth of many tactics including the one we know as digital marketing.

Because of its versatile nature and various options that it puts at your disposal, one must understand its many branches and their proper usage.

Now, the plan or method that you devise to use digital marketing would be called a strategy, much like any other marketing plan.

However, this strategy is a bit complex as it would feature different types of medium. That is why this list will help you understand a few of its important branches and their primary usage.

1. Search Engine Marketing(SEM)

SEM, or Search Engine Marketing, has been around since the initiation of search engines. They deal with providing viable means to a brand or company to appear on the internet without any hassle.

In SEM, a search engine such as Google would charge companies an adequate amount for them to feature that company’s mediums in their SERP aka search engine page results. This type of marketing’s top aspect is PPC aka Pay Per Click.

As the name says, a search engine would charge you an amount for a click as any leads or customers click on the link.

For instance, a link provided by search engines to your website or blog. In simpler terms, SEM is the act of online paid advertising where companies or brands pay search engines to be featured in their SERP.

2. Search Engine Marketing(SEO)

Now, this is a close relative of SEM but it does not require a penny unless you hire experts. SEO deals with providing a brand with wide exposure on the internet.

You may have heard of keywords because that is how experts ensure the provision of means that make a brand appear in SERP.

While SEM provides direct exposure on a SERP, in SEO, you will have to earn higher ranks.

3. Content Marketing

Digital marketing has many different affairs and of those the common denominator is content.

You may have heard the famous phrase “content is king,” because, without it, marketing strategies in the online world would not exist.

Content marketing usually employs various mediums of content to educate an audience regarding a niche or industry.

It follows an astute 80/20 approach, where 80% of it is about educating and the rest is regarding advertisement or promotion of a product or service.

The primary benefit of content marketing is its cost-effectiveness. One almost does not need a penny to get started whether they want to make blogs or learn how to get a Wikipedia page approved.

Another important benefit of content marketing is that it proves very flexible regardless of industry or niche of its employer.

4. Video Content

More or less a branch of content marketing, video content is widely regarded as the primary and most beneficial aspect of digital marketing today.

One of the main reasons behind that is that is more engaging than any other type of content.

Whether a website or a blog is suffering from low retention rate, all they have to do is upload videos on their concerned places or landing page and see the retention rates increase.

Much like many other elements in content marketing, video content is also very cost-effective and it has great ROI generation.

5. Blog & Website

A blog is one of the most important things in recent times. Blog, even though being a branch of content marketing, is sometimes regarded as blog marketing.

Because of its independent and casual nature, many brands find it the best platform to communicate with their audience, along with social media.

Much like that, a website with a blog increases chances of higher search engine rankings by a whopping 434%. Therefore, it is important to have a combination of the two in digital marketing.

6. Mobile Phone Apps

Last but not the least, one of the most important contributors to the success of many companies, especially Ecommerce has been mobile phone apps.

They provide a hundred different benefits and on the top of those are easy business dealings and higher customer satisfaction rates.

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