Travel Guide: Avoid Top 8 Mistakes Every First Time Traveller Makes

Travel Guide: Avoid Top 8 Mistakes Every First Time Traveller Makes

This is a fantastic feeling for everyone traveling overseas for the first time in their life. You are also baffled by the same, but no need to worry. Here, we would like to give some keynote tips that help to avoid spoilage of your exciting leisure & pleasure holiday tour.

Ambiguity related to specific queries such as How can you feel comfortable within the cross-culture issue? What will be the variation in the expenditure cost, and how can you make it a time and money-saving tour with incredible memories?

Some of the inevitable mistakes can only be rectified once you had an experience, but some are the most common that a novice traveler usually commits.

Follow travel tips to avoid such mistakes:


Know! How you can enjoy leisure time


1. Extensively Over Booking

It is also necessary to ensure everything is planned accordingly with safety and security. Initially, the traveler booked everything and paid in advance, such as hotel rooms, local taxis, local sightseeing, tourist guide, etc., without having any idea of negotiable prices.

This is true with first-time travelers who are uncomfortable in a new place.

2. Extra pay for extra services of travel agent:

For every single thing before going to book, you need to negotiate with a travel agency or agent and check out the comparative best prices. Try to pay as a token amount. Before leaving your place, you need to lock everything and keep the safety alarm on that will set your mind free from worries of theft and unpredictable incidents in your absence at home.

Make sure all travel expenses must fall under your top priority requirements.

You can get a discount deal or offer on your first booking. So many online flight/hotel booking mobile Apps/websites are available. Let’s try to have a look at them as well.

3. Fear of the unknown:

It is another chance for first-time travelers to chase the unknown fear while traveling to unknown places considerably. No need to worry because every tourist place is now more secure under CCTV vigilance and tourist police. But you must keep aware of personal belongings such as purses, mobiles, cash, passport, etc.

It’s hard to find if you are cheated in a friendly way. This is mostly happening with the first-time visitor, and mistrust is another consequence of a fear of visiting an unknown destination.

4. Being Cheated:

You should be aware or get to know the suitable timing to visit the local sightseeing places and also must have local helpline numbers for ambulances or police. If you have a smartphone, it is easier to track down every step, and now Google Assistant can help you know the nearby ambiance. Share your GPS location with your parents or to whom you trust most.

At least get them aware of your live location, Now, WhatsApp has the same feature, and you can easily share live location. Never try to take too many cases with you and need to manage cash in different-different pockets or wallets. So in case of theft, you would not be the victim of a complete loss.

  1. Trying to explore everything

Tourists are fascinated by the exceptional beauty of unexplored destinations used to travel in a group tour. At the same time, solo travelers comparatively have a high cost of tour and travel. But both GIT (Group Inclusive Tour) and FIT (Free Independent Travelers) have a common thought to explore as much as possible to explore the destination.

I need the patience to revisit the place to different tourist places. Try to know as much as possible about the destination that you have planned to visit. Enjoy your leisure time to avoid distance travel from your hotel to a dream destination. Otherwise, you will lose your precious time.

6. Flawed advertisement costing

Before purchasing any tour packages, you need to read the respective terms & conditions carefully to reduce unnecessary expenditure. While going through the itinerary of the tour destination, read consciously about tour package inclusion and exclusion. If you find something, i.e. that needs to be discussed before purchasing, please make sure! Otherwise, you will have a troublesome situation at some point in time.

7. Excessive tour packaging

If you already booked the hotel/motel/resort or any accommodation, there is no need to pack sleeping bags; yes, you can carry them out when planning an adventure tour or wild safari tour or tour, i.e., not having surety for accommodation. Too many wearable clothes, only two pairs of jeans, and also advised you not to carry more than two pairs of shoes, as you probably buy something at that destination.

Not carry too many medicines, as first aids are also available in hotels but make sure to carry critical medicine, such as Asthmatic drugs, diabetic drugs, or other life-saving drugs as per the physician’s prescription drug. Never forget to carry soap, hand sanitizer, and tissue paper. These kinds of stuff are mandatory to carry.

8. Not choosing travel insurance.

Booking local train, bus, or flight tickets is most common nowadays. Then the following online or offline ticket also offers travel insurance selection. Even nowadays, travel agencies make travel insurance mandates.

Uncertain accidental loss of life, luggage, compromised health, and other mishaps are covered under one travel insurance policy. Travel insurance sets you free from unnecessary worries.

You enjoy your tour with musical memories—necessary information such as the tour manager's email address and phone number. Read carefully and agree to the terms and conditions of the tour package.

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