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Ten Facts about Graphic Design that you Must Know

Ten Facts about Graphic Design that you Must Know

Graphic designing is one of the most versatile fields, where designers show an informational context in artistic form with the help of typography, photography and illustration elements.

At the same time, some professionals work at a Creative Graphic Design Agency in Mumbai that offers graphic designing services to different types of clients.

However, the graphic designing industry is constantly changing and evolving, with new technologies being created every day, making it easier for graphic designers to work more efficiently.

If you are still not convinced, here are ten facts about graphic design that you must know.

1. Don’t Need 5 Year Degree To Become Graphic Designer

One of the most interesting facts about graphic design is that being a graphic designer doesn’t necessarily require getting a high-level qualification.

To get hired by the creative graphic design agency in mumbai, you need to have a good portfolio and designing skills.

Graphic designing is a creative art, and as much as you require going to college to get graphic designing skills, it doesn’t necessarily have to be 5-years.

It is enough to become a good graphic designer if you have an eye for great visuals and a passion for designing.

2. Graphic Designing Profession Can Make You Famous

Another great fact about graphic design is that a simple graphic design idea can help you become famous. A good example is the artist Sir Jonathan I.

He is famous for his designing artwork, which was used by Apple iPad or iPhone products, and many creative designers from a creative graphic design agency in mumbai got their fame from their artwork. Some great graphic designers designed several iconic landmarks.

3. Graphic Designers can Make Serious Money

Graphic designing is a lucrative profession, and a graphic designer can make thousands of dollars from d designing a simple company logo. Companies and brands want to be unique; therefore, sometimes, they have to face a hard time creating their logo.

However, they may have funds and resources, but they don’t have creative designing skills. It is where the most creative graphic design agency in mumbai comes in and helps them create their company logo. 

4. Increasing Demand for Graphic Designers

Graphic designing is in high demand over the next decade, and several companies and businesses are looking for graphic designers to help them to spread their product awareness.

There will be a 13% increase in demand for good and hardworking graphic designers as per an estimate. However, there are various graphic designers, and all of them are high in demand, especially in the creative graphic design agency in Mumbai. 

5. Niche Graphic Design Can Offer More Than 9 To 5 Jobs

There is also an option to specialize in one specific industry niche. For instance, you can settle for sports teams or clubs. It is also one of the highest-paid graphic design opportunities, paying even more than 9-to-5 positions.

Most companies believe that graphic designers specializing in any particular graphic designing niche will provide their best when dealing with projects. Experience is another significant concern to them, and they strongly believe that niche graphic designers are more reliable than those with general graphic designing skills.

6. Graphic Designers’ Cultural Movements

Over the previous century, graphic designers have created the majority of significant visual media monuments. For instance, Art Nouveau was the first ornamental movement in Europe and USA.

One unique characteristic of the style is asymmetrical and organic linework rather than solid uniform shapes, interiors and jewellery, applied across architecture and posters and illustrations. 

7. They Are Multi-Talented

Graphic designers have to adopt a huge range of new skills to empower their craft. In prior years, graphic designing media for a company was all about explaining what the business did in the most effective possible way.

While today it is still a typical graphic designing component, and there are several new concepts to think about. Graphic designers of today are often multitalented to keep up with the demand of your business that can involve everything from coding to copywriting with traditional graphic designing skills.

8. They Bring Marketing Ideas to Life

All of the products and services that you have chosen at some point in time persuaded you to buy them via designed visual marketing. Advertising has used graphic designers for their marketing, everything from the labels on your product packaging to the billboard to your insurance company.

However, graphic designers boost your marketing campaigns’ overall platforms and are crucial to creating a professional brand. 

9. Who First Use The Graphic Design Term?

Most people don’t know that William Addison Dwiggins first used the term graphic design in his print, published in 1922. The first graphic designing computer software was invented in 1980, and the actual meaning of graphics is to create a clear picture.

10. Have Lots of Opportunities for Self-Employment

For people who like to work for themselves, graphic designing may be the best option. They need to learn how to market themselves to new clients and stick to a work schedule without a manager, but there are several very good opportunities available if they can do it.

With many web design and advertising firms, like a creative graphic design agency in Mumbai, relying on freelancers and contractors, they can make an excellent living using just their laptop and a copy of Photoshop.


As you can see, there are several fun facts about graphic design that you must know. After reading the article, we are sure that you are convinced that graphic design is more than what meets the eye. Therefore, the creative graphic design agency in Mumbai hired many professional graphic designers.

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