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Key Insights of Essential Benefits Plan Available under Health Insurance in Dubai

Key Insights of Essential Benefits Plan Available under Health Insurance in Dubai

If you are one of the residents of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, you should essentially get a health insurance plan for your family members and thereby, stays abide by Dubai laws. Especially, you should get the basic coverage, about which we have discussed in detail in this blog post.

Overview of EBP

EBP is the acronym for the Essential Benefits Plan. It is the basic health insurance in Dubai and is available for residents of Dubai, who earn lesser than AED 4,000 in one month.

EBP thus helps the employees with low salary bands, such as house help/housekeepers, laborers, blue-collar employees, and dependents as well as family members able to afford health insurance.

Other people who have higher than AED 4,000 as salaries may select a specific level of insurance coverage until and unless they fulfill the minimum possible level stipulated via EBP

Categories of EBP Insurance Coverage

The essential benefits plan associated with health insurance in Dubai makes sure every person gets comprehensive coverage easily to avail of the required services. These benefits come under different categories, which include-

  • Outpatient i.e. ambulatory patient services, which also include mammograms, X-rays and other related small medical or diagnose procedures
  • Hospitalization, which includes every type of care you need, along with overnight stays and surgical procedures.
  • Emergency solutions to cover treatment and care in the case you stuck in any of the life-threatening health conditions
  • Newborn and maternity care to pay special attention to the would-be mother and the newborn baby.
  • Mental health as well as substance usage disorder related solutions combined with behavioral treatment procedures, where you may consult a psychologist and get the necessary treatment to overcome your substance abuse issues
  • Habilitative and rehabilitative services and devices to achieve quick recovery of your physical and mental skills after suffering an injury or disability, along with the onset of your chronic health condition
  • Laboratory solutions
  • Vision care, oral care, and pediatric solutions
  • Preventive and wellness programs combined with the management of various chronic diseases

Scope of EBP Coverage

  1. EBP i.e. Essential Benefits Plan associated with health insurance in Dubai covers a wide range of healthcare services, like inpatient and outpatient treatments, medical tests, emergencies, medication, surgeries, maternity and many more.
  2. Under the category of EBP, employees may get an emergency level of healthcare services within each of the emirates of the UAE. Also, employees may get healthcare solutions at the basic level in different areas of Dubai.
  3. EBP has the highest possible annual coverage equal to AED 150,000.
  4. Co-payment or the payable amount by the patient is at 20percent and capped at the value of AED 1,000 in one year.
  5. EBP capped drugs and related medications at about AED 1,500 with 30percent payable copayment for each prescription produced by the insured person.
  6. Coverage for a chronic medical condition and existing health conditions are available only after a period of six months of your plan.
  7. EBP also gives you maternity benefits i.e. 8 different outpatient maternity visits and to maximum AED 7,000 in the case of normal delivery under inpatient service. On the other side, if you experience medically necessary C-section or complications during childbirth, you get coverage of AED 10,000.
  8. You have to pay 10-percent co-payment to avail of both inpatient and outpatient maternity services.

Along with maternity benefits, EBP associated with health insurance benefits you by providing coverage for your newborn.

Accordingly, your newborn child will receive 30days coverage from the date his/her birth under the health insurance policy purchased by the mother to undergo different tests and screening sessions.

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