Medical Tourism

Medical Tourism Helps Developed Countries’ Citizens To Avail Affordable Medical Bills

Medical Tourism Helps Developed Countries’ Citizens To Avail Affordable Medical Bills

I am not really sure how many people have been introduced to medical tourism terms. But no worries, here we are going to discuss essentials aspects in detail:

What is medical tourism?

Medical tourism is when people of one country tend to travel to another country to receive medical, surgical, and dental care. Even they can receive equal or greater medical services in another country. For instance:

Medical tourism in the USA

Medical tourism in India

Medical tourism in Mexico

Medical tourism in Thailand

Why are Patients Traveling Internationally for Medical Tourism?

When “Domestic Medical Tourism” ( people travel within the country, including city, state, or region to receive medical, surgical, and dental care) is not available at the higher-level quality of healthcare, affordability, access to care, or better quality availability to another country.

What is a Medical Tourism Facilitator?

Most of the tour & travel companies have been added independently dedicated medical tourism services in their portfolio.
They are also known as medical tourism facilitator that manages a patient’s trip to another country for medical care.

Nowadays so much buzz around us “Medical Tourism.” Most popular keyword tourism all of us heard it and knew very well but can you imagine medical things would associate with daily lifestyle. International accreditation is a kind of valuable remark before you receive medical services, even within a home country hospital or international hospitals as well.

The patient needs the medical attention and critical illness required to treat. So much worried inside the mind what will be the cost and how it will recover and other consequences of postoperative.

All your respective queries are genuine; previously, all these types of basic queries we all having. Compared to the cost of an international medical facility that helps you to save money. 

Such as the united states is having comparatively higher costs, but other countries have the quality of care. Insurance companies are profoundly offering international medical insurance and credit healthcare systems facilities.  On the other hand, medical insurance excludes cosmetic surgery/plastic surgery.

Medical Tourism in the 21st  century is ready to make you free from all of your worries about critical illness treatment and major and minor medical bills at more affordable rates.  Basically, medical tourism stands for the people who travel to obtain medical services other than their own country.

The tourism industry is imparting a huge role in facilitating cheap flight tickets and special flights with nursing staff and residential doctors. The best suitable accommodation in hotels and side seen a customized medical tourism package would accompany all-inclusive destination and leisure activities from pickup to hospital admission. The medical tourism industry is flourishing with the support of local stakeholders that matches global healthcare standard.

In developed countries like the US, medical insurance must have it. The purpose of having medical insurance to shield the medical bills, but the scenario is just the opposite due to high-cost medical bills surpass the limit of medical insurance coverage.

After the survey of US citizens, most of them did not have medical insurance due to the same reason, and they are better aware of medical tourism service provider countries at affordable rates. Their cost of the medical insurance premium is high, and most of their savings soaked by its annual premium.

That’s why 6 million people traveled offshore to take advantage of medical tourism in 2010. Medical travel also helps you to get world-class services and tourism experience as well. Medical tourists have the special privilege with extended M-Visa for receiving medical care.

No need to worry about the medical treatment and services. As you know, Join the Commission of International (JCI) accredited hospitals around 150 hospitals around the globe to offer international medical services at world-class facilities at an affordable rate. All along with Doctors, complete medical staff is specialized and well trained to please the international patient, an event in hospitals, there is a separate hospital wing for international patients.

Moreover, since medical tourism is their only objective, hygiene, quality medicines, or doctors are always at their best. Records have proven that about 2.34/ 1000 is the mortality rate in any US hospital, whereas, it is 0.08/1000 is the mortality rate at the offshore overseas hospitals.

Moreover, many travel medical tourism companies provide details of the right offshore hospitals to suit your budget and best health treatments. Moreover, it gets many times cheaper and is also safe and best in terms of quality and health machinery.

Certainly, including the discussed factors other also support to elect the medical tourism services, let’s have looked upon Asian health care sector in terms of world-class quality and at a comparatively affordable rate in developing countries like India, Hong Kong, Singapore, etc.

Say, for example, Hip replacement cost in the US is around $31,839/-

if you are looking for the same treatment cost in India, i.e., 4 times lesser. While in Singapore and Thailand, the effective cost would be $15,000 and $10,000, respectively. Similarly, other medical treatments such as Coronary angioplasty, i.e., having $41,000 cost in the US, wherein India, it costs $3500/- only.

So, the above costing for some of the medical services we discussed will help get an idea of how much lower medical treatment prices in offshore countries.

For full assistance of international patients, Hospitals have an international tour/travel desk that helps them explore nearby destinations, even the cities/states’ best shopping/ historic places, and luxurious accommodation for patient companions.

24×7 online medical assistants and separate medical tourism facilitators also make them more relaxing and comfortable. To overcome the language barrier, hospitals are also providing language translators to make the patients and their companions more easily communicate.

Easiness of Travel With M-visa

M- visa stands for a medical visa; countries have separately relaxed visa regulations in case of a patient who needs cross-border medical attention. Giving them a hassle-free opportunity to travel with an extended Visa.

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