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9 Old Marketing Practices That Will Make You Stand Out

9 Old Marketing Practices That Will Make You Stand Out

Marketing changes and unfolds to fit the world around it. And because of this continuous evolution, many techniques that were effective in the past have been detested.

However, in marketing, popularity has little to do with obtaining results. Some supposedly archaic techniques still produce excellent results, despite not being popular anymore. Here are a few old marketing practices that will make you stand out.

Relationship Building

There’s no new, innovative technology or automation software that can replace a legitimate and personal relationship with your customers.

Making a phone call rather than emailing, creating a genuine interest in your customer’s feedback, and holding in-person meetings is not “old school.” It is the best way to build a long-lasting and beneficial relationship and expand your business.

Radio-Based Advertising

The re-emergence of radio-based advertising is gaining traction. Web-based streaming audio ads and podcasts can reach national and worldwide audiences.

You can use radio ads to target various audience segments and particular local regions. Local radio targeting can be very effective for industries that are often restricted by advertising bans such as cannabis companies.


Billboards using hand-painted or printed images on canvas are still being used extensively. From hallways to highways, billboards have traveled from far.

This traditional method of marketing uses more images and less text. Interesting images are an excellent way of raising brand awareness, and a picture is worth a thousand words.

Most people are familiar with this marketing technique. Billboards will never become outmoded, and people will never overlook larger signs because of their broad reach across geographical boundaries and social classes.


A handout is a printed document, like a brochure or flyer, that can promote your sale, event, or business. You can create flyers and display them in public areas that community folks visit regularly to inform them about events that you are conducting at your business premises.

Brochures can provide clear features of a product or details about a business, and you can distribute them when visiting clients or at events. Your potential customers can keep them for reference at a later time when they need to learn more about your product or business.

Word-of-Mouth Marketing

Word-of-mouth marketing is an old-school marketing tactic that any business can implement and benefit from. Studies show that 92 percent of consumers trust recommendations from individuals more than branded content.

Great marketers use influencer marketing techniques to extend word-of-mouth marketing in the digital arena. You can increase word of mouth by encouraging reviews, shares on your social media page, and having referral programs.

The “Let’s Do Lunch” Method

The better you get to know someone, the better you can work out the right solution to solve their business problem.

And nothing works magic like breaking bread with a potential client to hasten that get-to-know-you stage. So set some time aside and take your client for lunch to get to know them and their business. This is especially effective if you are a lawyer or account manager.


Inbound and outbound telemarketing is still on top of the marketing industry. It has been cited as the most vital B2B lead generation technique, which works even better than CRM systems.

Concentrate on core operations by choosing world-class call answering services. This method is most effective if you target those that fit your ideal audience.

Event Marketing

Through event marketing, you can create advertising materials to display at industry events, such as conferences, seminars, and conventions.

Consider making booths and larger graphics like banners and signs that will catch the attention of attendees, who will visit your booth to learn more about your business and products.

You can set up similar booths at other local events, such as festivals or fairs, to grab the attention of local folks as well. You can also sponsor activities such as sporting events to increase your brand awareness and recognition.

Direct Mail

Contacting your customers directly and offering them discounts on services or products is an excellent way to let them know you are around. Giving introductory rates gives you upfront profit.

However, if you make your customers thrilled, they will give you repeat business and valuable referrals for life.

According to information provided by the Direct Marketing Association, in 2016, over 100 million Americans made catalog purchases. This shows that the market is still alive and well. But, remember to use the USPS address verification API before sending your direct mail to ensure you are sending them to the right address.


The art of marketing derives its value from classical techniques because this is the way it has always been done. Although digital marketing is gaining momentum, traditional marketing methods cover a lot of ground.

These marketing techniques are still an important secret weapon for skilled, interactive, and face-to-face marketing. By building relationships, using a USPS address verification API for direct mail, and encouraging word-of-mouth marketing, you will see greater satisfaction for your business.

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