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Degenerative Spine Disc Disease and Its Causes

Degenerative Spine Disc Disease and Its Causes

Are you suffering from the neck or back pain?

Has the doctor indicated that pain can be related to discs in the spine?

In case this is your case, you are wondering:

Why degenerative disc cure is good for me?

You have been pouring over several articles on the World Wide Web about it. There is a possibility that some friends and relatives have offered good advice.

The finest treatment depends on the condition. For example, how serious is the damage? What part of the spine is affected? Are nerves malfunctioning as a result? Irritated nerve tissue causes the pain associated with the degenerative spinal disc disease.

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Degenerative Spine Disc Disease

Between bones of spine lies rubbery, there is a circular disc which resembles tire. Intervertebral discs made up of tough outer layer that is known as annulus fibrosus. Inside, the disc you will find a jelly-like substance which is referred to as nucleus pulposus.

What Do Such Spine Discs Do?

Such structures act as shock absorbers. Every time you move, walk or sit, your spine discs keep vertebrae from rubbing. They protect spinal cord — superhighway of nerves connecting the brain to rest of body — from irreversible insult.

As such discs maintain spinal structure, they function to protect nerves which exit via openings in vertebrae.

These discs can lose shape. Outer layer starts to deteriorate that changes the structure of individual discs and spine. Such changes apply pressure on the spinal cord and the adjacent nerves, resulting in pain and neurological symptoms.

Degenerative Spine Disc Disease Symptoms

The spine is a complex structure which runs via most of your body. Depending on the location and severity of disc problems, you can experience several symptoms. Although spine disc issues occur in the lower back, neck, mid-back can be affected.

Symptoms may encompass:

  • Back pain which radiates into buttocks/thighs
  • Pain in neck or back which ranges from nagging to disabling
  • Increased pain when sitting
  • Neck pain which radiates by arms and hands
  • Periods of pain which come and go—lasting up to months
  • Worsening pain when twisting, or bending
  • Pain which abates when walking or moving
  • Tingling/numbness in arms and hands or legs and feet
  • You feel good when lying down or changing positions 
  • Weakness in leg muscles/foot

Degenerative spine disc disease cure can ease symptoms. Seeking successful cure means understanding underlying reasons for degenerative spinal disc disease.

Degenerative Spine Disc Disease Causes

The disease is not an actual disease. It is a label applied to a disc which has lost structural integrity and leads to pain. It can occur for a variety of reasons.

The main culprit is the effects of ageing. At birth, such discs are around 80% water. As the year’s pass, discs will dry out and lose the ability to absorb the shock.

Participation in sports and activities can lead to disc breakdown. Unfortunately, contact sports and physically demanding activities may take their toll on the spine. In time, discs can weaken, or break down as they cannot withstand shock.

Sudden trauma/injuries may adversely alter the disc’s structure. Car accidents or falls may cause disc’s inner layer to break the damaged outer layer. Known as bulging/herniated disc, this can place pressure on nerve roots or spinal cord.

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