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Simple Hacks To Get More Twitter Followers

Simple Hacks To Get More Twitter Followers

In 2021, Twitter saw 2.4 billion sessions on the platform, with 620 million of these being unique. This shows that people repeatedly return to the Twitter website, and to date, it holds relevance even though it is one of the oldest social media platforms.

But as it is witnessing such an increase in the user base, the competition on the platform is getting fierce.

Hence it is essential to know some of the smart techniques and strategies that might help you to extract the maximum out of the platform.

Moreover, brands give great importance to Twitter as part of their social media strategy. So if you are not using Twitter for your business, then you surely are missing out on a lot.

Twitter can do wonders for your businesses and due to its huge user base; your brand can develop awareness and recognition in the market. And to pull more benefits from the platform, you can use the tricks mentioned in this blog. These strategies are easily manageable and provide some great results.

Meaningful Marketing Hacks to Increase Twitter Followers

Twitter has been a great help for business; if used smartly, it can provide some fantastic results that can help your business in the long run. And for that, you need to have a stone followers list. And these are some of the well-thought-out strategies to achieve it.

1. Post more frequently

Staying active on the platform can help you in various ways. You can apply this strategy to every social media platform and extract great benefits from them. 

You can use Twitter in various ways; for example, you can post tweets on recent topics, debates, or news and provide your feedback or viewpoint. Or you can even upload images related to your product or even post videos.

The summary is there are ample ways to post and stay active. So use them most frequently. That means don’t overwhelm your followers by posting regularly.

The best measure is to maintain a schedule and stick to it. Also, the most important thing that you shouldn’t slip from your mind – don’t miss out on the opportunity to post on public holidays, occasions, and festivals. You can get a lot of traction and engagement during these periods.

2. Use recent trends to your advantage

Twitter users capture the content related to recent topics very quickly. Then, in simple terms, they interact with the account that provides content related to the ongoing trend.

The trend can be anything – latest news, memes, advertising campaigns, movie dialogs, debates, or songs. So, keep your eyes and ears open, find the trend and try to make the most out of it. Post images, videos, and tweets related to those and capture the eyeballs.

3. Embed Twitter Widget on Website

To gain more followers on the platform, more people must get to know about your social media presence. There could be cases where people would be unaware of your Twitter handle, or they might be following an account similar to your brand but isn’t yours. It hampers your followers’ list and hinders your brand reputation in the social media space.

And hence to prevent all these miss happenings, increase your Twitter handle awareness, and increase your followers’ list, you can embed Twitter feeds on websites.

The Twitter feed on the website provides a sneak into your Twitter handle. And if your visitors like your account, they have the option to follow you there and eventually increase your Twitter followers.

Various tools like social media aggregators help in this cause, as they help to collect, curate, customize and display social media feeds.

In addition, you can use them to embed Twitter widget on your website. Twitter widget works like the functional block on the website, which helps showcase Twitter feed with ease.

This strategy helps to gain more followers and improves the look and feel of your website. This makes your website more pleasing to the eye and provides you with a notable online presence.

4. Hashtags – The Marketing Gold

While creating any social media marketing strategy you simply cannot afford to ignore hashtags. Hashtags have completely changed the marketing scenario and have emerged as marketing tools. Hashtags help brands to find their target consumers and, at the same time, find more audiences for their content.

You can either create and promote your own hashtags campaign and boost the user-generated content related to your brand. Or you can hop on the trend of any ongoing hashtags campaign and upload content using it.

Another smart way to use hashtags is by uploading content using industry-related hashtags. You can search for industry-related content from your competitors’ content and use hashtags to capture your target audience.

Summing It Up

Twitter is an influential social media platform that has the potential to take a brand to new heights. If used correctly, you can extract some tremendous benefits from the platform.

And for that, you need some smart techniques, the strategies mentioned above are some of the most creative ways to gain more followers and make the most of the platform. 

So try them now, and take your business to new heights.

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