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Best food trucks around Gurugram to amaze Foodies

Best food trucks around Gurugram to amaze Foodies

There had been an unexpected inrush of food trucks in Gurgaon, and that is one of the numerous things we adore about the city.

The idea of  food trucks has changed the manner in which we take a gander at road nourishment.

These trucks convey to us different cooking styles over the city. We’ve gathered a rundown of food trucks of Gurgaon that you should look at, in the event that you haven’t as of now. You can also explore the Indian Catering Services.


The best medication to spare us from Gurgaon’s warmth is maybe great frozen yogurt, and Frugurpop has it secured for us. Found amid the night in Sector 57, Frugurpop has an assortment of popsicles and sorbets where you can apply onsite applicable Paypal Coupons to bring cost down for each order made.

Nashta Paani

Over a year old, this food truck is heading for good things, not actually however. Positioned at the Sultanpur Metro Station this one will conceivably miss your view in the event that you are not distinctly searching for it.

In any case, you can not overlook the sustenance here. Their wraps and sandwiches are the blockbusters, however different joys like the Chicken and Cheese Rolls, Crispy Chili Corn and Bruschetta are not to be missed too. Open all days of the week from 8:30 am to 8:30 pm, this one is an unquestionable requirement visit.

Location: 146, Near Sultanpur Metro Station

What The Truck

What The Truck conveys to us the best road nourishment. Not simply that, they additionally provide food for birthday parties and different occasions. They are open six days seven days, from 12pm till 9pm. Area 29 is the place you can discover them.

The Crazy Tucker

The Crazy Tucker is stopped in the Leisure Valley stopping, Sector 29. They’re shut on Mondays, however you can discover them 6pm to 11pm the other six days of the week for astounding Italian, Mexican and Chinese nourishment.

Drifters Cafe

For genuine Asian flavors, we know precisely where you should head. Drifters Cafe serves Malaysian, Thai, Indonesian, Japanese and more cooking styles, conveying to us the best Asian grub on wheels. You can discover this nourishment truck close Huda City Center Metro Station in Sector 29.

Food Island – The Truck

Without spending excessively, you can have healthy Indian combos like Vegetable Thali, Choley Rice, Kudhi Rice, Rajma Rice and increasingly here at Food Island The Truck. They have snacks and invigorating beverages secured as well! You can discover FITT (Foundation For Innovation And Technology Transfer) close Artemis Hospital in Sector 51.

Flavor Lab

Flavor Lab is the spot you should visit in the event that you extravagant combination nourishment. Southern style Oreos? Beyond any doubt! They’re trial with the food the serve and the menu is clearly brimming with astonishments. This food truck is positioned close Unitech Trade Center each Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Hi-Fi Desi

Everyone prefers the Indian road style Chinese cuisines some of the time and Hi-Fi Desi serves the best of that sort. To control your Indianised Chinese sustenance yearnings, discover the Hi-Fi Desi nourishment truck in Sector 10A open from 5pm till midnight. This food truck beyond any doubt is a standout amongst the most well known ones in Old Gurgaon.

Something Saucy

This pocket neighborly food truck serves everything, from a wide range of burgers, be it green or red to franks and other road nourishment things. It’s open from 6pm till 11pm. You should look at this one. It’s in Leisure Valley, Sector 29.

Sushi House Mafia

Sushi House Mafia is an endeavor by the producers of Eggjactly, so it’s anything but difficult to figure that this truck has extraordinary sustenance for us to have. As the name of the food truck proposes, they serve the special one Japanese dishes, Sushi, and that too in a wide assortment. Recreation Valley Road, Sector 29 is the place you can discover it.


Potentially the most well known food  truck in the city with its superb moves, servings of mixed greens and waffles, this one makes for a high flying alternative while you are going through Sector 29/recreation valley.

Drawing motivation from the American flavors, they offer some magnificent burgers too – very filling and overflowing with mushy delightfulness. In any case, that is not all-Italian, Mexican flavours can be attempted too. You can’t miss this one!

Location: Leisure Valley, Sector 29, Gurgaon

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There is a lot of scopes to commercialize and make this food truck business profitable, the food truck owners must get technologically aware and ensure the food orders are streamlined.

Training the staff of your food truck becomes the first priority, tying-up with local food vendors can also bring in more business and spread goodwill. Developing a social media platform to promote your food truck will help you go miles.

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