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Top 8 Vegetarian Protein Rich Daily Diet

Top 8 Vegetarian Protein Rich Daily Diet

As recommended by all experts protein has been suggested to be added in our diet for either gaining muscles or losing weight. Muscle Fibre India implies on filling your brains with some protein-filled knowledge.

The amino acids present in protein work in such a way that it helps in building muscle for repairing it during an intensive workout. It also helps to lose the extra weight in the body as a person would feel full after a diet rich in proteins.

The protein-rich diet encompasses primarily fish, meat, egg or milk. Apart from this, there are protein supplements easily available in the market for those who wish for more intake of protein. Muscle Fibre supplements supply products containing protein that is advised for both young and old, man or woman.

These supplements are highly credible and available at affordable rates. Let’s talk about other foods rich in protein that can be added to a diet-


 The best and easiest source of protein mostly taken as a meal for breakfasts. A properly boiled yolk egg is a rich protein food that contains 6 grams of protein. The purest form of protein is egg whites.


Those who don’t eat eggs should turn to soybeans that contain a significant amount of nutrients that the body requires. A cup of boiled soybean suffices for one-time protein intake.


Many nuts as well contain proteins and can be used as daytime interval snacks. A handful of almonds, pistachios, or cashews can be used as a healthy snack for all those who are health conscious and feel hungry after some time. These are a rich source of protein, which help to provide the body with energy.

4.Meat and Fish

 For non-vegetarians meat is the best source of protein. You can add lean meat or fish to your diet around three times a week to get the right amount of protein in your body. Chicken breast has the maximum protein content and is best taken without the skin.


 A healthy breakfast meal oats also contain a protein that the body needs. They also contain other vitamins and minerals which benefit the body overall.


Because vegans have very few options this one is a saviour. Lentils a plant-based protein is generally taken along with brown rice to form a rich protein meal. It is a great way to lose fat in your diet by adding a cup of boiled lentil.

7.Whey Protein

If you do not feel enough protein filling your body, Muscle Fibre’s Whey Protein is the best supplement you can add to your diet.

Whey contains all the essential amino acids which the body needs to repair and develop muscles. It may be taken as shakes, smoothies or added to the oats for extra protein intake.

8.Greek Yogurt

A delicious creamy meal, yogurt provides plenty of protein and also nutrients that improve the entire body’s productivity. Nonetheless, to take sugar-free yogurt to achieve its benefits is recommended.

Protein helps the muscles during injury and gives skin and hair luster as well. It contains the essential amino acids which together provide the body with energy and muscle gain.

If you want to see better results you should be ideally avoiding processed food, fried snacks, and soda drinks as these may hamper the working of these protein-rich diets. The best Dietitian in Delhi is available.

However, it is suggested to always consult your doctor before adding a new diet to your daily routine as certain food may not suit your body type. You should also check Healthy packed lunches for 2020.

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