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The Good and Bad Of Social Media Applications

The Good and Bad Of Social Media Applications

Name a thing that does not have advantages and disadvantages. Right from a protein-rich diet to a video game, if things are not consumed or used the way they should be, it will only result in negative effects.

In this article, we will be discussing both pros and cons of social media applications. Social media applications, as we know, are the best creation of technology With technology innovation,

The developers are coming up with much more advanced and optimized social media applications that have user-friendly software and allow users to perform different activities under one roof.

This is the reason you would find millions of social media users using these websites daily. It has been observed that people usually spend five to six hours daily on these social media platforms to do things of their interest.

If you have an account on a single or multiple social media applications Instagram, Linked In, Facebook, Connected India, and others, you must have noticed that every day some of the people share a post that could be in any form including images, videos, text, audio, etc.

However, as mentioned above, there are many people, mostly youngsters, who do not understand the fact that excess of everything is too bad. This is the reason why social media applications have certain disadvantages associated with them.

Let us first understand the advantages of social media applications that will help us to know how these advantages turn into disadvantages when used wrongly.

Advantages of Social Media Applications

1. Connecting Link: 

Social media applications act as a connecting link between people. Not just two people, these applications connect people from all around the world.

If you an account in any of these applications, you must have noticed people from different communities, races, and cultures come at social media.

You can easily send friend requests to any strangers you want and be friends with them. Not just friends, if things are in your favor, these applications also allow users to video call their friends and talk to them for hours. It is difficult to imagine days that people spent earlier when there were no mobile phones or internet.

Nowadays, most of us cannot live without talking to our friends on these applications. Using any of these applications, you can easily share your feelings, express your emotions, and can even plan a meet-up with your friends.

2. Marketplace for Companies: 

As mentioned, social media applications enjoy millions of users daily. As per the studies, most of these users are there to search for a product or a brand. Hence social media applications offer an amazing global consumer market to all companies.

All they have to do is execute the best promotional strategies to influence more and more customers by using fair means. Once a company Can attract potential customers, it can further engage these customers and turn them into sales.

Now with the help of social media applications, companies can easily retain these customers by keeping engaged in promotional offers and other amazing opportunities that would keep them stuck on their social media accounts.

3. Source of Information:

Another amazing benefit of social media applications is that they are a constant source of information for the students. Any student, whether in school, college, or doing a master’s, can get any information on any subject on these social media platforms.

All he has to do is follow a page that has the most number of reviews and a good track record of providing the most accurate and true information.

Once you follow these pages, all you need to do is ask any question of your choice. Most of the educational pages in social media applications usually reply within the same day.

However, there might be chances that they would reply in a day or so. In any case, you will have all your doubts solved.

Now all other advantages of social media applications get cover underd these main advantages. As we have discussed some of the major advantages of social media applications, it is time we must discuss their disadvantages as well.

Disadvantages Of Social Media Applications

1. Predators:

As we mentioned above, there are several disadvantages of social media applications. The most worrisome among them is that of the predators.

Applications like Facebook, Instagram, etc. have become a house of predators. These people usually create a fake profile and target vulnerable or innocent children that include both boys and girls.

The predators will either pretend to be your friend or would try to lure you to something bad. Hence it becomes important for everyone to identify these predators and stay away from them.

2. False Information:

As the information stores in social media applications are uploaded by an individual or a group of individuals, it becomes important to identify what is true and what is false.

Manu companies are seen posting wrong product descriptions just to lure customers. Similarly, many educational insitutes are also seen sharing wrong information on a subject matter.

All these things must be kept in mind before using social media. Though the advantages of social media applications overweigh their disadvantages, it is important to identify what is good and what is bad.

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