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The Ultimate Guide To Creating A Promotional Video

The Ultimate Guide To Creating A Promotional Video

The promotional videos are a great tool for both users’ retention rate and brand awareness. Thanks to the creation and dissemination of professional promotional videos, you can boost your business. 

The promotional video should not be confused with the simple commercial one, and it is much more. It is not a classic video in which a product is launched but it is a film that aims to tell a story to convey the values and principles of the product you want to sell.

A professionally edited promotional video montage can help you find the right balance between promotion and brand image. In this article, I will lead you to learn how to make it possible.

What is a promotional video?

The promotional video is a video whose primary purpose is to promote a specific discount, a sale or an event. The tone of voice is similar to that of the teaser, which attracts the audience.

The main goal of a promotional video is to boost sales. Consequently, it is also an excellent marketing tool to inform and increase brand awareness.

To sum up, a promotional video is a video that falls within a short time frame, usually within thirty seconds, which tends to spread a particular promotion regarding your service or your products.

When should you use a promotional video?

Among the main objectives of a promotional video is to attract new audiences but also to increase sales. You can use a promotional video to engage your already loyal audience and make yourself known to a potentially interested audience, attracting them with specific promotions. 

You should use a promotional video to make your brand known to those who do not yet know it. You can involve customers by communicating discounts, promotions or events.

Why make a promotional video?

Would you like to go into a store that has promotions? The answer is almost always yes. They tend to lead you to enter the store not only once but push you to do so later. The promotional videos serve to convince the customer.

Statistics show that people would like to buy more when they shop with coupons or discounts. The users are often willing to stay for seconds because they will get something in return, usually a deal or information to get a promotion.

How to make a promotional video

To create your promotional video, you must first define the objective and your target. It is good then to proceed with a storyboard to speed up the shooting work.

Having already everything clear in the storyboard, you will not forget any steps. So here is a step by step guide on how to create a compelling promotional video.

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1. Define the goal of the video

It may seem trivial to you, but one of the most challenging tasks when creating a promotional video is to find the right goal. What do you want to communicate with this video? What would be the purpose? Who is it for? Do you want to share a promotion, a discount or an event?

2. Get to know the customers.

Knowing your target audience and your potential customers are essential to analyze how to form

the video. One of the first steps you need to take to create highly relevant and suitable content for them; the video marketing strategy is essential for a video that must be extremely well-finished technically and highly performing.

3. Make a creative video.

The public is more and more used to separating advertising from entertainment videos, so it is vital to have a creative idea to attract their attention. To prevent them from being distracted by others, keep your video within 30 seconds.

4. Make a storyboard

The storyboard is a handy tool to help in the making of a promotional video. It allows you to map what you want to show by having a clear lineup of your ideas. Planning through a storyboard will help you have a tidier set with fewer errors to re-do.

5. Storytelling

Storytelling is an effective technique. The story is fundamental for a video’s success. It is what allows you to reach people more efficiently, to intrigue and excite them. And storytelling must be clear, simple, direct and engaging.

6. Video production

After creating the script and the storyboard, here comes the most important part: video production. Professional post-production editing can make a big difference. You will need the best equipment, editing experience on how to effectively engage the viewers, and the best online video editor.

7. Add a Call-to-action  

Among the often forgotten basic steps is the inclusion of a call to action. This is one of the last steps to be taken before promoting the video.

The creation of a good quality video is not enough. To engage the viewers, add a call to action button is a must.

8. Promote the video

Promote your video to make it visible to your target audience. Among social media, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter are your top choices for promoting the videos.

Another important promotional tool is email marketing. The newsletter allows you to reach an interested audience that would welcome your promotions and discounts. Your website is also a great place to involve your promotional video.

9. Measure the results

Finally, once the video marketing campaign has finished, we encourage you to evaluate and measure the results as accurately as possible.

To do this you will have to make use of the objectives you have described above and find a way to quantify them.

Your KPIs can be related to user behaviour (conversions on the web, growth in the sale of the product or revenue from the monetization of the video), recognition (views, comments, the reach that the video has had) or the valuation of the brand (has it increased or decreased after the video?).

To sum up

As we have seen, promotional videos are an effective marketing tool. How to Make a  promotional video may seem complicated, but give it a try and work through it. It will surprise you with a boom in your business. 

With all the tips in hand, it is clear that video marketing tools’ future looks promising. If you have not started creating audiovisual pieces yet, It is time to insert quality videos into inbound marketing.

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