Explore Top 5 Places to visit in Srinagar-Paradise on Earth

Explore Top 5 Places to visit in Srinagar-Paradise on Earth

Broadly known as ‘Paradise on Earth, Srinagar is situated in the associated domain of Jammu and Kashmir, on the banks of waterway Jhelum.

As pleasant as the most staggering painting ever painted, Srinagar is known for the stationary houseboats and vivid Shikararas on Dal Lake.

The gondola-type rowboats, Shikaras, are utilized by travelers to see attractions like the Floating Vegetable Market and the Mir Bahri’s – an energetic network of individuals who live on the lake itself.

Known as the mid-year capital of Jammu and Kashmir, Srinagar is home to probably the loveliest Mughal-age cultivates in India, with the top draws being Nishat Bagh, Shalimar Bagh, and Chashm-E-Shahi Garden.

Kashmiri food is well known everywhere globally, so when in Srinagar, evaluating the nearby dishes, which are wealthy in one-of-a-kind fragrant flavors, is an absolute necessity.

Dal Lake

Dal Lake is all that you could request in a sloping lake, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Considered the gem of Srinagar, the excellence of this perfect lake spread more than 26 square kilometers just develops around each corner.

Be it the delightful wooden houseboats floating calmly through the waters, the beautiful Shikharas that voyage by with awestruck travelers, the coasting markets at the break of day, or the manicured lavish nurseries from the Mughal period along the shore, Dal lake is for all intents and purposes a portrayal of the Srinagar itself. You can get a great discount on ticket booking online using MakeMyTrip coupons.

Srinagar has consistently been a lovely spot to visit in summer, in this way, making it one of the most loved spots the Mughals and the Britishers got a kick out of the chance to go during summer. One of its fundamental attractions was the Dal Lake which was not left unnoticed.

The Dal Lake comprises four primary burn chinars in the lake, which is a method for its acknowledgment. The Mughals saw the potential in the Dal Lake and encompassed it with delightful nurseries and structures, and constructed the Shalimar and Nilshad Gardens precisely at a spot where the lovely outstretched lake can be found in the entirety of its brilliance.

Mughal Gardens

Mughal Gardens, which have genuinely changed the essence of the Mughal Empire, is one of the most prominent and the most visited vacation spots of Srinagar. During their standard, the Mughals started to construct a few sorts of nurseries in Persian engineering, and the blend of these nurseries is alluded to as the Mughal Gardens.

The common excellence of the spot loaded up with rich green grass and the scented blossoms is a pressure buster and satisfying to the eyes. The travelers who come here go for long walks in the nursery or sit and respect the excellence of the spot.

The Mughal Gardens in Srinagar contain Nishat Bagh, Shalimar Bagh, Chashme Shahi, Pari Mahal, Achabal, and Verinag Garden. Jahangir was liable for the determination of the site and arranging the necessities of the heaven gardens. It is constantly a ton of fun to investigate the history behind these nurseries.

Shalimar Bagh

Situated in the grand magnificence of Kashmir, Shalimar Bagh is a flawlessly spread out nursery which is the biggest of the three Mughal Gardens in the valley. This immaculate fascination was worked in 1619 by the Mughal ruler Jahangir for his cherished spouse Nur Jahan.

This spot is very prominent with sightseers from everywhere throughout the world. You can apply for Travel Consultant Jobs to know about this field.

Spread liberally with well-cut gardens and wonderful engineering, Shalimar Garden is a delicate mix of regular charm and artificial structures. The whole reason is covered with lavish green grass with charming blooms popping once in a while.

As of now, kept up and oversaw by Jammu and Kashmir Tourism Department, the chini khanas or curved specialties behind cascades are a feature on this spot. The light and sound show is sorted out in the nighttime.

Shikara Ride

The central motivation behind why individuals come to Srinagar is for the unwinding and important Shikara rides. Taking the ride over the grand Dal Lake at the scenery of the superb moderate-clad Himalayas is without a doubt an involvement with itself both agreeable and unparalleled.


Substantial snowfall influences the availability of Srinagar throughout the winter for a long time, from December to February. Mutual strains likewise lead to visit curfews in parts of the city. Make a point to check the circumstance before visiting.

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