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Top 5 Best 3D Virtual Tour in Singapore

Top 5 Best 3D Virtual Tour in Singapore

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, everyone has to stay in their homes and have less contact with people as much as they can.

Although the quarantine protocols are a lot less stringent than when the virus first broke out, many authorities recommend that people not come out of their homes unless it is necessary.

That is a lot of people cannot visit certain places. However, thanks to virtual tour Singapore creators, people can now view a location from the safety of their homes.

Singapore has a lot of locations that you can now visit through a VR tour. These virtual tours are made of high-quality images that will put you in an illusion as if you are in that place.

If you are looking to discover places in Singapore, here are our top 5 best 3D virtual tours in Singapore.

#1 – Ngee Ann Polytechnic

If you are looking to tour a Singapore school online, you may want to check out the virtual tour of Ngee Ann Polytechnic. This school was established in 1963 making it the second oldest polytechnic in Singapore.

It is located in Clementi, Singapore and is under the supervision of the Ministry of Education. This school’s virtual tour Singapore experience is probably the best one you will have.

The VR tour will start with the 360° aerial image of the whole campus. It is taken at 60 meters high and will look like you are seeing the place from a bird’s eye view.

In addition, there are customized hotspots that feature a thumbnail photo of the destination.

Each spot also has a text below the image which explains what the place is. In addition, there is a side menu where you can click activity and it will suggest locations on the campus where you can do the said activity.

#2 – Azbil Manufacturing Showroom

Not only a virtual tour Singapore campus visit is interesting to see online. You can even check out showrooms that showcase products to be sold. One particular showroom virtual tour that you should definitely see is the Azbil Manufacturing Showroom.

This VR tour allows the customers to view products offered by Azbil Manufacturing. It contains clickable images where you can get redirected to relevant web links and read PDFs about the products.

Furthermore, if you hover the cursor over the TVs in the virtual tour, the videos will play. These videos are incorporated into the virtual tour to make it look like you are there checking out products all by yourself.

#3 – National Neuroscience Institute

Not only schools in Singapore have their locations ready for a virtual tour Singapore experience. You can also take a glimpse of hospitals in Singapore. One of the hospitals you can visit through a VR tour is the National Neuroscience Institute.

This hospital is a member of SingHealth which is the largest group of health care facilities in Singapore. Its virtual tour is considered one of the best because of how vivid the images were.

In addition, it is easy to navigate because of the menu bar and drop-down sub-menus. You can click these menus to go to a certain area in the hospital or you can click the custom pulsing hot spots. 

#4 – Fullerton Hotel Ballroom

Hotels have now seen the importance of virtual tour Singapore viewings. Some hotels use this for a 360° view of their rooms and amenities. However, the Fullerton Hotel, in particular, used a VR tour for their ballroom.

What makes this simple 360° tour special is how incredible the photos are. They give off a sense of hospitality as if you are in the ballroom.

The professional pictures used in this virtual tour is one of the reasons why many aim to host an event at the Fullerton Hotel Ballroom.

#5 – Yotel Orchard

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, hotels are now using VR tours for potential guests to see what they have to offer.

In fact, the Yotel Orchard has opened its suites and facilities for a virtual tour Singapore experience. The VR creator stated that they used a high level of production and retouching to capture a sense of hospitality in the image.

They gave attention to detail which is manifested in what the VR tour looked like. They also used bubble hotspots which show an image of the destination location.

There is also a menu bar at the side that allows a visitor to pick the location they want to check out.

Get a 3D virtual tour with Digital Solutions

These are only some of the best 3D virtual tours created in Singapore. If you are thinking of creating your own virtual tour Singapore experience, we can create one for you.

We, at Digital Solutions, provide VR tour services ranging from 3D virtual tours to 360° VR reality. If you are interested, come and visit our website today!

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