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Benefits of Building Your Own Free Website

Benefits of Building Your Own Free Website

What is the purpose of your own website? In a digital age like today, the Internet is part of life. You could call it a second world where almost anything can be found.

If you want to find out about something, which source of information do you use? Exactly. You search on the Internet or as it is often put: it is Googled.

A website is used to present information in a bundle and to share opinions and interests in order to make money with it or simply to be found. A clear separation of the purpose is often difficult.

Because someone who shares his opinion about a product, for example, can also earn money with his contribution. Either a manufacturer has agreed to make the product available to him free of charge for evaluation or he earns a commission by recommending the product.

What is important for your own website?

If possible, you must create and maintain a website yourself without having to have a great deal of technical knowledge and programming skills.

Maintenance and backup files should ideally take place automatically in the background without your own action, so that you can only concentrate on your website.

The cost factor also plays a major role for the first own website. In order to create a free website, an advertising agency does not always need to be commissioned.

Even non-designers and non-programmers can build a good-looking website themselves. Functions such as a contact form or a calendar should ideally also be easy to integrate into the homepage.

The easiest way to create your own website is the modular principle. Such providers often have a free version for beginners. The homepage building block principle provides you with everything you need for your first digital appearance.

Design templates for the appearance of the website are made freely available. Depending on the purpose of the website, you will find functions such as guestbook, contact form, calendar or picture galleries as so-called building blocks.

You can add these to the homepage for free with just one click. Very easily and without technical knowledge.

A more complex way is a so-called CMS system (content management system). To do this, however, you need a web host that provides you with a certain amount of storage space for the website. However, this can incur costs.

The hardest and most expensive way is to have the website programmed professionally. If you do not have the capital for this, it is advisable to use the modular website system or the content management system.

If your website is then ready to go, you have to take care of one more thing: you need a domain address to be found on the Internet.

What distinguishes free offers from paid offers?

There are several factors to consider when choosing between a free or paid provider:

1. Domain

With the free variant, it may happen that your domain does not only contain your name as requested, but also a small addition that refers to the provider. A fee-based provider will give you exactly the domain you want.

2. Storage space

Free providers only provide you with limited storage space. That would be enough for a small website, but with a picture gallery, for example, the free storage space would be used up quickly

3. Flexibility

With a free website, it offers you only access to the functions made available to you. With a paid provider, you are far more flexible and can better adapt the website to your needs.

4. Advertising

Creating a homepage free of charge without advertising is always desirable, but not always possible. The free providers in particular often place advertisements on your website to finance their free product. However, there are also providers who do not advertise.

5. Website Templates

The free version comes with free website templates but the paid websites have more design templates offered to them. If you are just looking for a basic website, the free website templates will be more than enough to design your website.

6. Site extras

Think of website extras as widgets on your website. Sometimes, you have to purchase website extras on other websites but most website builders, even the free version comes with extras that will sure to spice up your website.

When deciding whether you want to use the free version or paid version of the free website builder, it all comes down on the purpose and matters your website should serve.

Often a free homepage is really sufficient to get started since you can get it upgraded at any time in case you want to have the full site experience.

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