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Tips To Avoid Suspension Of Catalogue Listing For Flipkart

Tips To Avoid Suspension Of Catalogue Listing For Flipkart

Suspension on website is a big issue these days that’s why this blog is to share the information which can help you to save your product by getting suspended by Flipkart.

Once you register on Flipkart then there are some kinds of rules you can say or these are the guideline which you must follow to avoid the suspension from the Flipkart.

Always Try To Monitor Your Listing

When you monitor your listing then in that case if there is any kind of requirement that needs to be done changes can be done at the same time. This thing is to require all kind of product if it’s not possible for you then you can take the Flipkart Product Listing Service the Flipkart and take advantage of that.

Keep In Touch With The Website For All Notification

Second thing is to try to keep in touch with Flipkart so that you can get the advantage of any kind of notification related to discounts or any kind of changes or any updates.

You are paying a huge amount on the listing of your product but if it gets suspended by the Flipkart then, in that case, it might be possible that you will bear any kind lose from that. Be aware of all reasons so that you can be preparing for any circumstances.

Always Respond To The Buyer For Promptly

The next thing which you can do is always try to respond to the buyer promptly to get the maximum revenue. We all try to be in touch with their complete team whether we talk about the seller or the buyer.

Monitor Account Health Daily

Another thing is to monitor your account health daily so that you can take advantage of all the discounts and the bonus available for the buyer and the seller.

eTechno Craft is the team that can do the Catalogue Service For Flipkart your product by which your product will get live on another website. Once your product gets visibility and the traffic then it has the maximum chance to get the maximum revenue.

Try To Improve Late Shipment 

Always try to improve the late shipment of your product because in the online market-main thing is to deliver the product on a timely basis customers judge the website on two things no one is shipment taking time and 2 is a quality product.

If you are not delivering a quality product then also it got replaced by the customer side it also creates a bad impression on the customer.

Always Try To Deliver The Quality Product

Next thing is to deliver the quality product always because it will create a bad impression on the customer if he or she will get a bad quality product. Our main motive is to maximize your revenue which can be done by quality product only.

Avoid Counterfeit Notification 

The main thing to get the maximum revenue by your product is to avoid the counterfeit notification because it’s not related to your product at all.

We all are here to check all for you because we believe in customer satisfaction. Fake notification always creates a bad impression on you but you need to avoid that all.

eTechnoCraft is the digital marketing company that can deliver you the best revenue for your product or website. Get the Sell On Flipkart service from our team and get the maximum result for your product.

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