Explore Beautiful Parks of Union County, New Jersey

Explore Beautiful Parks of Union County, New Jersey

The area of Union County is located in the very heart of New Jersey. It is best known for its astonishing green area.

Preservation-minded residents did a great job to help the parks develop their full potential. Are you looking for an oasis to escape the urban noise and tumult?

Whether it’s a romantic stroll during fall foliage season or simply a family gathering, this place feeds your hunger for nature. If you wish to explore beautiful parks of Union County, enjoy scrolling down.

Echo Lake Park

As one of 36 parks in New Jersey, Echo Lake Park covers 6,200 acres of the city land. It’s mostly known for its picturesque lakes that feature fishing, canoeing, and kayaking activities.

Is there any adventurous soul in the family? This park will be their favourite since it has a waterwheel as well as both pedal and paddle boats.

All sports fanatics can enjoy tennis courts and a well-designed playground. Take your best friend on the leash to explore beautiful parks of Union County.

The park is pet-friendly and has a big dog park area, divided into two areas, one for small and the other for large dogs.

The wide picnic area is equipped with a gazebo, grills, and even restrooms. It’s all you need to enjoy sunny days on fresh grass among nature lovers.

Sports oasis in Warinarco Park

Located in the middle of the busy avenues, this park is the real recreational paradise. It has several sports areas for playing basketball, soccer, tennis, baseball, and even shuffleboard.

The best thing about the park is the possibility for locals to join soccer leagues all time of the year. The city district around the park is an amazing area to lead a healthy family life.

If your kids are sports enthusiasts, they will be excited to find their favourite activities just across the street.

In case you wish to put down your roots in this astonishing area, remember it doesn’t have to be only a dream. If you need help settling in here, feel free to look for the most trustworthy moving companies of Union County.

Rahway River Park

If you are looking for a zen moment and peace of mind, this park is the best option for you. Listening to a river stream or birds humming every day is scientifically proven to boost your central nervous system.

Don’t be surprised if a turtle, ducks, or swans cross your path. It’s not strange that many elderly people choose this region to live their old years. The peaceful area around offers a school, universities, hospitals, and necessary city services.

Did you ever think of moving to a less hectic area with your family? It doesn’t have to be an impossible plan anymore. If you are afraid of the moving process, All Season Movers can make this endeavour easier to convey.

Visiting any nearby parks should be the priority on your daily to-do list. Nothing can substitute fresh air, contact with animals, or healthy activities.

The fundamental part of any healthy lifestyle is adopting healthy habits. The citizens of New Jersey are incredibly lucky to have access to explore beautiful parks of Union County.

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