Why is My Roadrunner Email not Working

Why is My Roadrunner Email not Working

Email service providers are so good until it works without causing any kind of error. Once it starts to cause errors we may end up taking a lot of time to fix it even if it is a small issue sometimes.

If you think that you can’t spend much time fixing the error and so you definitely need expert help to sort out all the troubleshooting that lies in related to your email, kindly visit the official website.

They help to fix all kinds of email related troubleshooting and help you to run your email smoothly. 

Among this email service provider list comes one of the mail Roadrunner. Even this, as long as it works without any error, it is well and fine to use.

But as soon as it starts to show up the error, then we may end up irritated. We also assure that even if there is no expert help you itself can sort out when you face Roadrunner email not working issues in your email. 

Reasons for Roadrunner Email not Working

There are a few reasons that must strike in your mind as soon as you feel like there is an error.

  • Incorrect login credentials, in case you cannot get into your account. 
  • Your internet connection may be weak or unstable. Sometimes if you are using Wifi, it might show that your internet strength is good. But we will recommend you to do a speed test in this case. 
  • Settings in your email account regarding smtp, pop or imap will be incorrect. 
  • There will be a huge amount of cookies, cache gathered in your browser or the app that you are using. 
  • Your web browser will be having third party add-ons. 
  • Also there might be many other reasons associated with it. 

Know these basic solutions that are used to fix when issue is recognized:

These are the few basic troubleshooting techniques to Fix Roadrunner email problems

The first thing that you will have to check is whether there is a good flow of internet connection available in your device. 

Secondly, disable all the extensions and add-ons browsers. After disabling them, try to reload your roadrunner. 

Finally, if you have an antivirus or firewall in your device, disable them temporarily. 

If you are an android user try these methods to fix your mail account:

  • Either you will have to restart your device or switch on your aeroplane mode and turn it off. Restarting the device can fix the error many times. Anyway we will not recommend our readers to turn on/off the aeroplane mode very often. This can fix various troubleshooting in your device even without your knowledge. 
  • After doing the first step, then try to reload your account. You can also close the app completely, even in the background and open it again to get started. 
  • Next step is to set the correct settings in your email account. 

Incoming server settings:

Enter your complete RR email address along with your domain name in it.

Enter your RR email account’s password.

Then set the port number as 110. 

Security type must be none.

Outgoing server settings:

Same as the incoming server settings must be repeated here but the port number should be 587.

  • After entering and setting all the information, do not forget to press on the save option. 
  • Finally, finish the setting by tapping on the ok icon. 

These are the basic ways to fix the Spectrum email problems by ourselves.  

If you  feel like you cannot do these steps all alone by yourself then you can go ahead to get a better solution, so contact Emails Crunch as mentioned earlier.

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