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3 Tips To Improve Law Firm Marketing During COVID-19

3 Tips To Improve Law Firm Marketing During COVID-19

The global recession is taking place due to the Coronavirus. This is another great episode after the great recession in 2008, where the global unemployment rate was around 10%.

Similarly, Corona is affecting all economies in the world, particularly the developed ones. The bigger the economy the more unstable the condition is. Lockdown is a solution but is not favorable for all.

Midway is not supported by healthcare professionals, complete shutdown is against business personnel, leaving an intriguing note at the end.

Lockdown is causing many businesses to stop production, they are laying off lower-level employees and considering a salary cut for the top-level management.

This unfavorable yet mandatory condition is arising to business politics. Departmental divisions might cause an alarming situation for the stakeholders, thus requiring an increased demand for law firms soon.

This provides a window of opportunity for the legal advisors to boost their service marketing during the Corona crisis.

To do so, three simple steps could be taken to boost online law firm marketing on digital platforms.

  • Conduct a comprehensive web audit
  • Invest in social media marketing
  • Update business listings

Conduct a Comprehensive Web Audit

A website is a building block for any business. Having a website increases credibility and reliability. For legal advisors, credibility and reliability are both important features to cater to new clients.

Therefore, having a website is mandatory, and maintaining it according to the competitive niche is also an integral part of online marketing.

American Bar states that  35% of the law firms have not updated their websites for almost 3 years. This means that the content is outdated. If the content is outdated, and no new research or informative services are shared on the website then the conversion rate would also reduce.

Furthermore, most law firm’s websites do not have a call to action link on their homepages. They do not share customer reviews, video testimonials, or highlight their success story online.

It illustrates, that they have developed websites just for the sake of it and not invested in there for lead generation.

Therefore, a complete web audit is required by professional marketers to highlight the required web changes and how they can make the website more interactive for new visitors.

This will help in increasing page visitors and generate more leads for conversions.

Invest in Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is essential to directly interact with customers. Almost 79% of law firms use social accounts to generate more leads.

This focuses on the importance of having social media profiles and consistent content posting. Social media marketing for law firms is trending these days.

Firms are investing in having active social profiles and sharing relevant content to spread a positive word of mouth to potential customers.

Social media is a vast field. There are numerous apps and social websites where lawyers can easily interact with people and solve their issues. In this scenario, Facebook marketing is recommended.

Law firm’s Facebook marketing provides a chance for legal advisors to search for their target market and create a targeted campaign for them. Facebook ads have a lot of options that can be tried and practised over time.

All ad’s objectives are useful and generate positive results at the end of the campaign. All it requires is a piece of persuasive content and creative designing with a little investment.

However, the overall return on investment is relatively high as operational costs are low compared to conventional marketing.

Similarly, YouTube is another social platform where lawyers can share free legal advice, some important tips, and stories to establish themselves as brand personality.

This helps in creating public awareness and people would like to interact with those who already have a name in the market.

Update Business Listings

Just like phone directories, every business has its website link posted in online web directories, which helps people to find the relevant contact details of the company.

There are many web directories where company profiles can be shared to improve Google search ranking. The best of all is Google my business. Google my business provides the local target market with a chance to review the nearby business service providers online.

Therefore, having an updated Google business listing is the most important. Try completing all fields and omit entering any fake information as it might get negative customer feedback.

Customers can review and rate local businesses, which helps others in their decision-making process. Therefore, try posting accurate contact details and satisfy your client’s queries beforehand to avoid a negative word of mouth.

Finally, some things can be done easily during this pandemic and that includes boosting digital presence.

Law firms can apply the above mentioned three simple hacks to improve their online presence, increase their social interaction, and generate more sales.

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