Why Ionic 5 Good Reasons to Use Ionic

Why Ionic 5 Good Reasons to Use Ionic

We can still remember the times in my childhood when only one landline was available at my home. We bought our first mobile phone that was treated as the most precious thing in the universe.

It only had a simple snake game in black and white which was still the most adored user interface. 

The scenario changed with the Smartphone. We all are already addicted to mobile phones and apps such as our daily routine, number of steps walked, oxygen levels to childbirth progress, everything is recorded with apps. 

Earlier only native apps had an edge over hybrid apps, but today everything has radically changed. With the advent of IONIC, there has been a surge in multi-platform applications.

Ionic helps build some mesmerizing, classy, and user-friendly apps that are ruling the marketing game today.        

Here are the 5 good reasons that support Ionic as the most widely used framework.

1. Open source and free

Ionic is a framework that is known for providing fluency in its operations. It is pretty stable, fast, and smooth. It is an open-source framework that provides an efficient and reliable foundation.

On the other hand, ionic helps you build some good functioning apps, and that too is free. It does not involve any costs and is an easy-to-learn and use framework for designing mobile web apps.

2. Developers Choice 

Ionic helps you build a strong and user-friendly interface with very little coding. It helps create different elements as it has varied features of default UI elements, forms, filters, action sheets, and Ui paradigms.

One another advantage of using the IONIC framework is that it helps build a clean UI by adding a variety with CSS touch to it.

3. Backed by strong Community

Ionic is an open-source framework that has a large, super active, and supportive community. It is made with Cordova and Angular that has helped make a strong foundation for the apps to stand out. Varied queries are already resolved by the members with a complete explanation.

 4. One code for all

 Building apps for various platforms is a difficult task. It involves an investment of time and resources too. Ionic helps resolve this, by providing the flexibility of building cross-platform apps.

Also, it helps to reuse the code to build apps for various platforms. Ionic helps build some beautiful functionalities while rewriting the code and saving time and effort at the same time.

5. User Interface

The user interface is the only thing that matters in 2021. Ionic provides the best of customization as it comes in support of CSS and Javascript.

It provides various buttons, menus, color schemes, etc that help build functional rich apps. Also, Ionic comes with some super features like depth, motion, and vibrant colors that help articulate a good-looking UI.

Summing up…

The Ionic framework helped create a bridge between Angular js web apps and hybrid mobile apps. The unique combination of rich Angular js and Cordova library helps build a hybrid application.

Ionic serves as a mold to create a framework for iOS, Android, and other platforms. 

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