Why Does the QuickBooks Not Working Error Happen?

Why Does the QuickBooks Not Working Error Happen?

 It happens when an old version of QuickBooks causes it to hang; the functionality won't support it. But there are a lot of reasons why it happens, including registry errors in Windows OS and firewall blockages. Try removing and reinstalling QuickBooks if you see similar issues.

Numerous facts are provided in QuickBooks to maintain data sequence, which is useful if any specifics later on need to be verified or examined. QuickBooks contains all of the information recorded about all of the company's files and folders.

The search bar in QuickBooks makes it easier for users to find the needed field they wish to check. 

This search bar's functionality is crucial because, in most cases, users want to retrieve information about past transactions or information about a certain subject. 

To accomplish this, they enter a term connected to the topic and get information that matches.

It is without a doubt the greatest accounting software program available, designed specifically for small and medium-sized businesses. However, like with any product, there are occasional issues that cause QuickBooks to malfunction and generate specific QuickBooks Error Codes. 

Users of QuickBooks sometimes encounter a strange kind of fault when the program suddenly stops functioning, leaving them with no choice but to look for a solution online for the QuickBooks search not working error. 

In addition to finding every potential fix for this problem, you will also learn the fundamental causes of the fault so you can simply fix the quickbooks search not working going forward.

Causes of Inoperable QuickBooks Search

After upgrading QuickBooks Desktop to the most recent version, there are sometimes issues with QuickBooks search not functioning. 

This issue arises when QuickBook's new version is not correctly installed after the download. The following is a list of other factors that may be causing this issue with the QuickBooks search tool.

  • Windows operating system registry files issue
  • The search bar in QuickBooks is broken.
  • QuickBooks is having issues with either a Windows firewall or a third-party firewall.
  • QuickBooks Desktop was installed in an outdated version.
  • File Search Index for QuickBooks is corrupted.

Why The Quickbooks Search Function Fails

Reasons Why QuickBooks Search Isn't Working

The QuickBooks Search feature is not functioning. It can be the result of you not having updated to the newest version of QuickBooks. 

There are several other causes for the malfunctioning QuickBooks search feature. Some of these explanations are listed below:

A registry problem would have caused the QuickBooks search feature to cease functioning on Windows OS.

  • A security problem with the firewall might be preventing QuickBooks from working.
  • QuickBooks versions older than a certain version may also be to blame.
  • A probability mistake could also exist in the QuickBooks search index file.
  • The Quickbooks Search Not Working Error and its Solutions

QuickBooks Search Index File Renaming

The user must take the following actions to rename the QuickBooks Search Index File to resolve this error:

  • You must first launch QuickBooks before closing the business file.
  • In the search box, type the search index after clicking the Windows Start button.
  • Next, choose the File search box.
  • After pressing the Enter key, choose the window button. You will be sent to the folder.
  • Once you've done that, you need to find the QBW.searchindex folder and add the.OLD suffix to the folder name.
  • You now need to open your QuickBooks Company file once again.
  • Click the search button located in the upper left corner of the window, or choose the Magnified Glass menu.
  • To display the information option, go to the left side panel and click the update button.
  • After making sure, the update is underway, watch for the notice.
  • Press the OK button to proceed with the presented instructions.
  • Open QuickBooks when the update procedure is finished to see whether the problems have been fixed.

Change to Disable Firewall Security

If the aforementioned fix is ineffective in fixing this issue, turn off firewall protection.

If you make use of an integrated firewall, it could assist you in eliminating this mistake. Navigate to the Control Panel to be sure. Next, press the turn-off button to shortly halt firewall processing. When you are finished, try using this search to see whether the problem has been fixed.

Alternatively, if you installed a third-party firewall, you should check its website for information on how to disable that particular firewall.

  • Repairing damaged or corrupted window registries is the third option.
  • Should this problem arise because of corrupted or destroyed window registries, you will need to fix it using the techniques listed below:
  • To begin with, you must launch the Windows start menu.
  • The Run command will then show up on your screen once you type "Run" into the search field.
  • Following that, you must input the precise folder location and press the Enter key.
  • Next, open the company file in QuickBooks.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to register the QuickBooks.
  • To end the programme after it is finished, click the Save & Close button.

Remove and Reinstall The Quickbooks

  • The best solution to fix this issue is to remove and then reinstall QuickBooks.
  • Press the Start button for the first time.
  • Next, you must choose the Control Panel.
  • Select the "Programmes and Features" option after going to the Programmes section.
  • Select the QuickBooks option from the drop menu selections.
  • When the Uninstall option shows up on your screen, choose it and press the OK button.
  • Select the Remove option by clicking the Next button.
  • The process of removing QuickBooks from your computer might take some time.
  • Install QuickBooks from the Intuit website once more after that. However, confirm that you've installed the most recent version.
  • Until the programme is done, adhere to the instructions that are presented.


If the issue persists and the QuickBooks Desktop application's Search box isn't functioning correctly, you need to check more closely at the user's end of the issue. In certain cases, ignorance of the QuickBooks search feature is the root of the issue.


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