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Top 7 Last-Mile Delivery Startups In Logistics

Top 7 Last-Mile Delivery Startups In Logistics

The first part of this article “Jetsons and Shipping startups in India” details about the growing popularity of last mile deliveries.

As per the latest estimates, there is an increase of almost 14% in the shipments by sea to the Asian countries like China, Japan and South Korea.

The shipments include cargo such as petroleum, coal and other minerals and fossil fuels. It is expected that in the near future, India will emerge as one of the biggest buyers of oil and gas. Thus, the scenario is not far from reality.

Shipping Goods efficiently

However, the main area of focus in the scenario is the role of the freight forwarding industry.

Today, India has become a huge exporter of consumer goods like garments, footwear, electrical appliances, automobiles and many more. Earlier, the situation was completely different with companies directly shipping goods to Asian countries.

But, due to drastic changes in the global economy, the companies are now implementing more efficient freight forwarding services by leveraging on their in-house resources and developing new products.

Apart from India, there are several other countries, which are also seeing the growth of freight forwarding industry.

There are several factors that are responsible for the increased popularity of these services.

Firstly, it is easy to obtain permits as well as clearances for these companies. Companies also need not invest in setting up a new office or hiring new employees.

All they have to do is simply implement best practices and take advantage of technology and latest tools.

Hassle-free supply chain

In addition, the companies enjoy a hassle-free supply chain. In the traditional case, the freight forwarder has to maintain several transportation nodes in various cities across the country.

Along with this, the physical infrastructure required to keep the machines and other essential resources running is also costly.

Furthermore, the process of clearing the shipment through the ports can take weeks as there are several procedural formalities to be completed.

On the other hand, in most cases, the shipment is cleared instantly after the dispatch.

The companies providing last mile delivery startups in India offer innovative solutions that make the shipping simple and efficient.

They often provide their clients with the tracking number and other important information about the shipment. This information can be useful for auditing purposes as well.

The client can easily track the shipment and determine the date of delivery. Also, the client can monitor the status of the package from different ports and airlines.

Last-Mile Delivery Startups

For our 7 picks of last-mile delivery startups in logistics, we used a data-driven startup scouting approach to identify the most relevant solutions globally.

  • Narvar – Delivery Platforms
  • Active Ants – Last Mile as a Service (LMaaS)
  • Roadie – Courier Inner-City Delivery
  • PiggyBee – Crowd shipping
  • Matternet – Drones
  • StarShip – Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV)
  • SmartBox – Smart Lockers

Last mile delivery companies have gained rapid popularity because of the ease of use and the quality services they provide. Most of the companies do not require any sort of licensing or registration.

Moreover, the freight forwarding industry has developed several new rules and regulations over the years. As a result, most of the companies have been able to comply with the requirements.

However, some rules and regulations such as those related to licensing are still in operation. In case the company fails to adhere to these regulations, then they may lose their permits and certificates.

There is another important factor that is vital to note when choosing a service provider. Many of these companies do not charge extra fees on the goods which they transport.

This means that a customer does not have to pay extra expenses on the transportation of goods even if it turns out to be an expensive option.

Other companies also charge extra fees for handling, delivery and on-time delivery.

They may also charge extra for insurance as well as customs documentation. However, all of these charges are legally required to be paid by the customers.

Best delivery management software startups in India can be easily found through a thorough research on the Internet.

A customer should visit several websites of the companies and compare the services and the rates before making a decision.

Moreover, they should also ensure that the company is licensed and has a good reputation in the market.

Use of Last-Mile Delivery logistics management software

As delivery companies rely more on last mile delivery software or driver management systems to increase efficiency, the last mile delivery process has become more complicated and time consuming for shippers.

CDL delivery companies use these systems to improve their logistics operations and streamline the entire last mile delivery process, which helps them meet their customers’ needs.

With this integrated solution, companies eliminate waste, which results in an increase in revenue and profits. The following are several advantages of using these software programs for the delivery of CDL goods.

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