Tips to Find Entry-Level Online Work From Home Jobs-No Experience Required

Tips to Find Entry-Level Online Work From Home Jobs-No Experience Required

Are you bored at home in lockdown? Are you finding an entry-level online job from your home? If yes, then this article is for you.

Many firms recruit inexperienced people to perform their tasks. Many jobs require no experience and pay you well.

See, getting jobs isn’t always an easy task. You have to excel in any one of your talents so that you out-show others.

You need to think about what’s unique inside you. This lockdown comes up with a heavy impact on jobs. Still, many online entry-level jobs pay you well according to your skill.

The internet is a hub of jobs. There are specific jobs available over the internet which needs no experience and can be done entirely from home. You need to convert those opportunities into results.

This article will pinpoint some of the entry-level online work from home jobs – no experience required.

A suggestion: If you are specialized in any talent through content writing, video making, or any other skill, you can apply on freelance websites.

Many freelance websites recruit people and pay them exceptionally well, or either you can open your own Startup.

Nowadays VDI- Virtual Desktop Infrastructure are available that will help you to go forward in your journey.

Online Entry Level Work From Home Jobs.

This section includes various firms, jobs, and spheres where you can apply and get an entry-level online work from home job. Let’s start with entry-level phone jobs.

1. Entry-Level Phone Jobs

These are the jobs where you only have to make phone calls to verify credentials, names, and many more things. It is the most straightforward job you can do to work from home.

They require a Workspace and some Best Remote Desktop Software. There are many firms and companies that recruit people to make phone calls. Here are the list and their description.

  • BSG: This firm pays you to verify calls. There is a minimum work criterion in this firm, and that is you need to work for a minimum of 20 hours.
  • The firm pays you a high amount according to the hours you have invested. You will be receiving $8.50 after every hour you work.
  • The best part is, you can perform this job from home, and there is no prior experience required in this field.
  • I-800-Flowers: This is a seasonal company that recruits workers as a representative for handling flower orders.
  • It is busy on holidays, Mother’s Day, Christmas Day, and many more auspicious days.
  • Though this work is temporary, the firm will pay you a high amount of a single day.
  • NexRep: The company is well known for hiring workers temporarily. No experience is required and can be easily done from home.
  • LiveOps: You will be taking calls from infomercials and attending them formally. Yes, you will be trained if you get selected. No past experience is required.
  • Sitel: It works as a virtual call centre and hires workers based upon their talent. It recruits workers for home-based customer service.
  • Westat: It hires workers generally to collect data and totally them. You will be trained if you qualify for the first round.
  • U-Haul: it recruits workers for sales positions and customer service. It is basically a rental car company that will hire you once you reach your 16. No past experience is required, and you have options available to work from home or in the office.
  • Sykes: Company is well known for its easy entry. No names are displayed on its websites, but you will be easily hired if you perform well.
  • Ver-a-Fast: In this company, you need to assess customers that have newspaper subscriptions.
  • No experience is required, and they have their personal call centre to work for them.

2. Survey Jobs

There are many platforms that will add extra income to your savings. The online surveys industry is growing day by day, and it is the best option for beginners to start their journey.

You only need to voice a public opinion and your opinion and earn money. Some companies will pay you the same as if you have another side job.

Many platforms like survey Junkie, Pinecone Research, Springboard America, and Swagbucks will pay you well only on your surveying skills. You can earn up to $250 a month when everything is going right.

3. Ride-Sharing

This is not exactly an online job, but it is one of the easiest ways to work from home without much effort.

You need driving skills, and you will earn money, as simple as that. Many companies are hiring workers to deliver food, orders, and many more things.

You can try postmates and will get up to $25 for every hour you work. The pay also depends on the places you deliver your items.

Many more companies like Uber and Lyft are flexible and hire workers on their driving skills.

4. Entry Level Chat Jobs

There are companies that provide customer care service on chats and not on phone calls.

So if you feel shy on phone calls, then here is the list of companies and firms that will hire you on your chatting skills and pay you a fair amount.

  • Needle: This is one of the biggest recruiters of workers for online chat jobs. The company does not ask for any prior experience, and you will describe the company’s brand to customers on chats. The company will pay you for the number of hours you worked.
  • The chat Shop: You will be working for different companies as long as you work with them. Many well-known brands will be recruiting you from this platform.
  • The pay will be according to the company which will hire you. The average salary will be $10 for every hour you work.

5. Data Entry Jobs/ Typing Jobs

They are not customer service jobs, but you will be working as a typist over here. Let’s look at some of the firms that hire you in this field.

  • SigTrack: This is an online data entry firm that allows you to work from home. The firm keeps a record of voter registrations and petitions forms.
  • Although you are not permanently hired in this job, the best part about this job is that there is no past experience required.
  • Smart Crowd: The company’s original name was Virtual Bee, which hires workers for data entry jobs. You do not need any prior experience.
  • The only thing you need is to sign up on their websites and start your work. You cannot make this your permanent job, but this is something you will be adding to your income.
  • Babble Type: It is the hub of opportunities to work. It not only offers a job in data entry but also hires you from different backgrounds.
  • You can work anytime you want, and the best part about this job is that you can work when you are free, i.e., it offers flexible working hours. They will pay you weekly through PayPal.
  • QuickTate: You will be transcribing your voicemail messages, conference calls, audio files, letter, and many more things. There are many things you do in QuickTate.
  • The best part about this company is that it allows you to select your days on which you want to take off. You also have the choice to work whenever you have extra time.
  • The starting money which you have to pay them is $15 as a background check. They will pay you weekly via PayPal.
  • Daily Transcription: The company allows you to work daily and gives you enough cash to enjoy all around the day. The only thing which you need is to work well because they demand excellent work.
  • There is always work available for anyone. You just need to sign up and start working. The work is generally related to entertainment, legal and corporate entities.

6. Moderation

If you have some knowledge about moderate forums, below are some of the industries you should supply.

  • ICUC: The firm allows you to work from home, and you will be working for US and Canada Moderators.
  • There is no need for any experience if you want to apply, and most importantly, they will train you if you get shortlisted.
  • LiveWorld: It hires online community moderators and is one of the most entry-level work from home jobs in which no experience is needed.

7.  Scoring Tests

  • Literably: This company comes up with the brand new idea to work from home for scorers.
  • It generally hires scorers, and you have to score after listening to the children. You have to type what you hear. Obviously, no experience is required in this firm also.

8. ESL Tutoring

Some ESL tutoring gigs will help you in finding jobs. Below are some of the companies that will hire you on your ESL tutoring skills.

  • Italki: This company teaches languages worldwide. If you are an expert in any of your native languages, then you can apply for this.
  • The company will take your entry-level test, and as long you are fluent in your native language, you have high chances to qualify for the exam.
  • SameSpeak: The company will ask for your first language. If it is English, then you can apply to it.
  • There is no prior experience needed, and you will be receiving $10 for every 30 min you teach.
  • There are training sessions, and you can work from home. You do not need any prior experience before applying to it. There are learning sessions present in it, where you have to apply.

9. Customer Service

Do you know why customer service is one of the most wanted jobs around the world?

It is because of its level of comfort available in this job. You can even work from home and can have all the flexibility you desire.

You do not need any extra gadgets except a mobile phone. Many firms provide customer care service jobs like Working Solutions, LiveOps Arise, Sutherland, Sitel, Amazon, Apple, and many more well-known firms.

10. Entry Level Writing Jobs

There are many websites that hire content writers to work for them. You need to know about writing and fluency in the language in which you are going to write.

If you have the writing capabilities, then you can also apply for online freelancing.

You just need to be perfect in this field to work in the long run. You can even consider it as a job because you will get a fair amount of money if you perform well.

Here are some of the websites that hire content writers. If you have a laptop and an active internet connection, then you can apply as a content writer in any of them.

  • Content Divas: The company will hire you based on your writing skills. If you impress them, you can get hired and be paid a fair amount. Content Divas is a firm that employs workers willing to work online and from home. You just need to excel in your writing patterns and grammar.
  • Verblio: You need to write blogs for BlogMutt. This website will give your articles to any other website by his name. This is sort of ghostwriting. You will get a fair amount if your client gets impressed by your article.
  • Crowd Content: This is a freelance website that hires only content writers. This is one of the best places to find entry-level online work from home. You will not work permanently in this firm, but this firm will pay you very high if they liked your articles and writing skills. They start their hiring process seasonally.
  • Domainite: They demand sample articles to start their hiring process. You need to submit a high-quality sample article to get hired.
  • Textbroker: You can start your writing journey in textbroker even with less experience. They also demand a sample article before starting their hiring process and will also give you work accordingly. They have tiers inside them.
  • If you start improving, you will be moving forward with more increase in your pay per word.
  • You can reach 5 INR per word. They have five tiers, and as long as you are working well, you have a chance to upgrade regularly.
  • Ezdia: it is a freelancing website that hires content writers. You need to submit one sample article before you start working here.

11. Entry Level Telemarketing Jobs

If you are good at marketing, here are some platforms for you.

  • Brighten Communications: You can work from anywhere around the world in this firm. No prior experience is required. You need to have some knowledge about telemarketing.
  • There are some requirements before applying to this company. You must have a landline phone, printer or a fax machine. If you have these, you can easily apply to this firm.
  • Pleio: You need to make sales calls and attract customers with your marketing skills. You need not have any prior experience required to apply. They will pay you based on the number of sales you give to them.

12. Entry Level Tasks Jobs

Some platforms are specially designed to give value to your talent. If you have writing skills or any other talent, you can showcase and sell them on these platforms.

You need not go anywhere after applying. Here are some sites mentioned where you can sell your work or work as an intern.

  • Amazon Mturk: They pay you for every task you do for them. If you do data writing or content writing, they will admire your work and pay you accordingly. Anyone can sign up here.
  • The best part about this website is that it does not demand any prior experience.
  • Fiverr: Get hired and sell your work. Get $5 for anything you sell. You can sign up from anywhere in the world without any experience required.
  • Clickworker: The website hires workers based on their skills. You will be receiving fair according to the quality you provide to the company.

Here were some of the platforms in which you can apply and get paid. You can now easily find entry-level online work from home without any experience required.

There are many more platforms that will hire you, but try to apply to these firms. Discover your niche and grab every opportunity.

Earning money isn’t an easy task. You need to out-show others and remark on your skills. Thank you for reading, and please review the article in the comment section below.

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