Survival of The Fittest; Proven By Successful Entrepreneur In Recession Time

Survival of The Fittest; Proven By Successful Entrepreneur In Recession Time

It is always true to admit an unexpected recession, but the intensity for everyone is completely different from others.

While you are working in any of the companies, whether your job role is technical or non-technical, you are still in the dogma of losing your job because of undefined reasons.

Yes! None no other valid reason nobody can fire you from your job. Moreover, if you are ready to face uncertain actions with your backup plan, that's fantastic.

Our mind always keeps us safe from upcoming calamities/problems. Someone can find the best solution for an ongoing or upcoming problem in the real sense that personality is the hero and the corporate world; these people are known as Entrepreneurs.

Suppose you fall under the category of people who are optimistic and ready to hone their technical and non-technical skills. Find the opportunity in those problems because problems with the solution are the first step to identifying entrepreneurs' traits.

Some market research companies also forecast it, and business news channels about the recession won't occur till 2020, but worried about the existing & upcoming fluctuations in the stock market always keep our anxiety high.

Know! How you can make money by recession-proof businesses to start

Have a look at certain indicators of recessions:

During the recession, employers probably used to cut costs while eliminating or suspending and identifying as a no longer useful resource for the employer. Here we would like to represent some steps you must follow during the downturn.

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The beauty of the IT industry, i.e. it never sleeps, and you are never going to as well. Similarly, money never has any bar to limit you from earning. It is right away and next to you as you do daily in your office for the client.

It's interesting to find the right platform where you can make hourly income. Say, for example, check out the freelancer platform such as Upwork, Fiver, and other offline clients.

It's up to you, depending upon your caliber and potential, to entertain the number of clients.

When recession comes to our doorstep, it also brings happiness to prove our knowledge and another chance to use our skillset and follow the law of survival of the fittest. You can use the same problem as an opportunity to become an entrepreneur.

Without taking calculated risks, no one cannot achieve anything, and 71% of the survival of a business becomes possible with a continuous cycle of failure and win. You fail more than you succeed when you are going into something new.

What you achieve after a long-term investment of daily day and night working, you better know your business growth and keep a billion-dollar smile on your face. You push your dreams into reality whenever you are putting effort and working somewhere.

Manage the financial backup.

We are talking about this because when a recession comes, you can also become a victim by losing your current job.

And at the same time, you need to find the same job, but unfortunately, you would not be able to get the same salary package job in the same domain.

The consequences of the recession might be unpredictable. Still, at that time, if you manage your monthly expenses and cut down the unnecessary expenses as well, it will help you keep your mental and financial peacefulness stable.

Assign yourself daily business homework with a deadline.

Now! It would help if you treated yourself as an employer and employee simultaneously.

You are the boss/leader and executive for your daily butter and bead. Likewise, you can keep yourself disciplined in this downturn condition.

Whether managing financial expenditure, every prospect must identify the necessary changes to achieve their final goal while working in this digital marketplace.

Review your every step and count for the return on investment you made in terms of time, money, personal, professional, and others.

 Learn and execute the business strategy:

From the last job to now, you have been jobless. Suddenly, you learned from your manager, colleagues, clients, and even your local environment, refined all the knowledge, and tried to interlink them to find some valuable resolution for the existing problems and well-managed them.

Re-evaluate your knowledge and find the right match for a freelancing opportunity.

Take a review test for both existing skills and networks.

Before facing the recession consequences, you need to upgrade both technical skills, which are an area of technical freelance demand, such as robotics and the internet of things, AI and machine learning, blockchain, and data science. And expand your existing business network.

When the sun is shining, it is time to prepare for a gloomy condition. Continuously working on the business network is also important in facilitating freelancing as a career opportunity.

Conclusively, ask yourself how lucky I am to be a freelancer during this recession. According to your skillset, you can do a job search in your domain of interest.

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