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Determine the Most Dynamic ICO Marketing Strategies

Determine the Most Dynamic ICO Marketing Strategies

Developing a completely compliant and proper ICO is surely a daunting task. However, all these efforts might go for a waste if you do not have a proper marketing plan in place.

Below, we have outlined love you keep points that you will need to consider for your ICO even when you approach an ICO marketing company.

A bit about the ICO

ICO is the acronym for Initial Coin Offering and is seen as one of the most pioneering confluences between the traditional world of investments through crowdsourcing and a new technology like blockchain.

People can invest in a product or a project by buying representative units that license them to utility in the project or a certain

The first ICO was announced in 2013 for Mastercoin. The most famous ICO was the one that went to behind the creation of the open-source blockchain Ethereum.

This blockchain has been instrumental in revolutionizing the adoption of blockchain technology including but not limited to smart contracts, ICOs, and even security token offerings and real estate tokenization.

There are a few other notable ICOs including but not limited to Telegram and Brave browser.

As a premature anti-climax, since ICOs were largely unregulated, the image was tarnished by a lot of scams. In an endeavor to make them more dependable and reliable, ICOs slowly came into the world of regulation.

Today, even though there are better advanced alternatives, ICOs continue to dominate the landscape of crypto investments largely because of the relative ease of the process.

Marketing your ICO

For a long time, building a great product and marginal marketing was considered more than adequate for any ICO, people would only focus on the project and the tokenomics.

However, with every passing day, ICO marketing has been getting importance.

The massive increase in the number of companies that provide ICO marketing service is a resounding testimony to the fact that this activity can no longer be sidelined.

In the below paragraphs, we have given a few pointers that you will need to keep in mind when you converse with your ICO marketing consultant.

The website

Just like any other business that has a strong digital dimension, a website can be considered one of the most important things when it comes to marketing your ICO.

It can be considered the corner stone of your marketing efforts. A strong website is crucial to ensure that your marketing efforts do not collapse at any point in time.

Your website should be an all-encompassing repository of information for your investors. Your website should contain the link to your white paper that details on all the essential aspects of your ICO.

The white paper and the website should include information on the product or project, the problem you intend to solve with your product, the team that goes into building your product/project, the timeline, and the token-related information.

In addition, you will also need to follow all the best practices required for a great website. Your website should contain a professionally made explainer video that will outline the purpose of your project.

Needless to say, your website should be stunning in terms of graphics, interactive in terms of interface, and intuitive in terms of navigability.

A clear call-to-action is bound to attract investors to at least filling up a valid email list even if not for buying your tokens.

The traditional arsenal

For any digitally driven entity, digital marketing is inevitable. Over the past couple of decades, a few pockets of digital marketing have been found to be really effective.

Search engine optimization and social media marketing should not be disregarded under any circumstances.

Search engine optimization – as any seasoned digital marketer would tell, search engine optimization is the Art and science of placing your website on the top of the listings on search engines like Google for relevant sources.

Since it addresses the need of a person right at the moment of expression that need, search engine optimization can be one of the most effective marketing methods.

In addition to being an amazing lead generation media it also doubles as a proper brand building and reputation-establishing platform. Being on the top of search engine result pages surely helps in establishing credibility and respect.

Search engine optimization might not give immediate results. It is a long process as it is an intervention in an organic method. Therefore, people who engage in search optimization should not expect immediate results but should rather look for long-term visibility.

It is a process that involves content creation and editing, code-level intervention, and link building. Rather than taking the burden of building your own search optimization team it is an expert ICO marketing company.

PR and outreach

Irrespective of the transformations and technology, some processes still remain evergreen not only in terms of being considered for marketing but also in terms of effectiveness.

Outreach programs on classic media platforms fall into this category. It helps inputting your ICO marketing message in front of the right people.

The first and foremost step in ensuring proper media outreach is meticulously drafted press release. The press release should sound straight out of the horse’s mouth and should not carry a tone of promotion.

Most of the websites might except your press release for free but they might not give you the right amount of visibility.

On the other side of the spectrum, there are press release sites that charge you a hefty price but give the right visibility.

In between these, there is set of press release sites that might not charge you but give you proper visibility because your content is good.

It also helps us a passive booster for your search engine optimization activities by providing a link from a highly credible site.

Listing your coin

The Holy Grail of any ICO is getting your coin listed on premium ICO listing sites. These sites mark the most elite and effective place for garnering visibility for your ICO token. Separate budget should be earmarked for getting your ICO listed on these places.

Email marketing

Email marketing might be the grand old daddy of digital marketing but it still remains relevant and effective. Having an email list and shirts that you have an attention-driven access to the ice of investors.

This will help you not just reaching them once but also keeping them constantly updated on the progress of your ICO, giving them a higher magnitude of trust and it automatically translates an intention to buy your tokens during the crowdsale.

Social media marketing

Given the sheer strength and magnitude of engagement, social media has no chance to be ignored in today’s market in landscape.

Although not every social media platform might double up as a proper advertising medium because of the restrictions, it can still be used as an effective platform for communication and community building.

Not every social media platform is built equal with respect to ICOs, and each one needs to be treated differently keeping in mind different strategies.

Facebook might not be a great advertising medium because of the restrictions imposed in 2080, but you can still go ahead and participate in communities and Facebook groups related to crypto and ICO.

Twitter has also banned all advertising related to crypto. However, there are influencers you can get in touch with to popularize your ICO.

LinkedIn also, like Facebook, has dedicated groups to discuss blockchain, ICO, and cryptocurrency. Some groups have more than 10,000 members, and it is a jackpot for anyone who would like to advertise their ICO.

There are generic question and answer forums like Quora. You can search and target your content by using topical searches, and it helps you answer questions directly related to your ICO as an offering or as a product.

Telegram is another messenger that you can use to communication to a large chunk of people about your ICO. It has been quite known that people who are intensely into cryptocurrency and blockchain use Telegram more than WhatsApp for their serious communication and group-participation.

There are also specific crypto-related forms that you can participate in. Forums like BitcoinTalk is a platform brimming with crypto and ICO enthusiasts, and it gives you a perfect place for marketing your ICO.

Crypto-specific marketing methods

An expert ICO marketing consultant will not stop your marketing methods with the above mentioned platforms. There are certain other arenas to explore including but not limited to bounty marketing and airdropping of tokens.

Bounty marketing basically means you reward people for resolving issues in your ICO. This will not only popularise your ICO but also make your ICO cleaner and perfect.

Airdropping is when you randomly drop your tokens in the wallets or email addresses of certain influencers and enthusiasts.

These people, in return for the tokens, might end up posting about your ICO on social media, and the leverage that you get out of this new conversation is far more valuable than the tokens that you had a airdropped.

PPC Advertising

Pay-per-click advertising might not work with mainstream platforms like Google and Facebook.

However, you can directly get in touch with cryptocurrency-related sites, blockchain news, blogs, and networks that offer banner advertising.

These platforms might not be included in an ICO marketing service portfolio but given the rise of crypto blogs, it is surely a method to count on.


It is not an exaggeration to say that marketing an ICO is as difficult as developing it, if not more.

It is strongly recommended that you either hire an ICO marketing consultant or approach an ICO marketing company for your marketing needs.

The points given above are only to serve as a guide for your ICO marketing service provided by your partner.

In most cases, any blockchain development company that specializes in ICOs will also offer ICO marketing services.

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