Things To Carry While Camping With A Dog

Things To Carry While Camping With A Dog

Your Pet will make the best companion in the great outdoors. There plenty of places that permit you to bring your furry-friend along with you.

So, if you have never experienced the thrill that a dog companing has to offer, it is time to spend some quality time with your adorable pets in great outdoors. Here’s what you will need to carry to make this trip a memorable one.

ID – Proper Identification your dog is really crucial no matter whether you are at home or camping with your dog.

Your dog needs to wear an ID tag that will bear all the important details and mention your vehicle number, residence, campsite number.

There are chances that your dog might get off track and lose its way. Anyone who finds him will be able to contact you easily.

Another thing that you can do is bring a dog collar which is GPS enabled to track the whereabouts of your pet.

First Aid Kit – While we are pretty sure that you would have stashed a first-aid kit for yourself in your luggage, there is no way that you can forget carrying first-aid kit for your adorable pets.

While walking on rough path, cuts in the paws are common and a dog specific first-aid kit will come handy to treat those injuries and prevent any sort of bleeding.

The first-aid kit will contain all the essentials including scissors, towel, pen light, antiseptic skin ointment etc.

Outdoor Dog Beds – Outdoor Dog beds are a must have while camping in warmer months.

If your dog is not used to sleeping on ground, it can cause hyperthermia since it will expose him with the hot ground base. That’s why it is essential to carry these beds since they offer your pet a comfortable spot to relax and also, won’t impact his joints or ankles.

You can also choose the beds that are little raised from ground so that they can feel the little breeze while camping in the dark.

Cooling Vest – While camping with dog or hiking, it is essential to carry a cooling vest with yourself. During summer when the rays of the sun attacks your pet, they will wander to find a shady spot to cool off.

A cooling vest will keep them cool always and with a larger coverage, they won’t have to wander here and there to cool down.

A good cooling vest will provide maximum protection from the rays of the sun. So, it does not matter whether you are walking or camping or climbing, your dog will be able to perform all the activities with ease when you have put a cooling vest on his body to pull the heat.

Jackets and Booties – Well, to protect your dogs from icey elements, you will have to bring jackets for your dog. This will give your dog an extra layer of warmth and keep him protected, comfortable.

On the other hand, if you camping in a place where there is a higher chance getting cuts, make sure to have botties for your dog’s paw. So, you don’t have to worry about the fire ants, rocks that can hurt your dog’s paw.

Having booties on the go will keep the paws of your dog safe and protected. Not only this, booties are a great option while hiking during the snowfall since they let your dog walk easily and keep his feet warm as well.

This will prevent snow clumps that your dog is likely to face. So, make sure that you have stashed jacket and booties for your dog.

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