Let Switzerland Be Your Next Winter Travel Destination

Let Switzerland Be Your Next Winter Travel Destination

Switzerland has been a fair-tale dream pretty much for all of us. We have seen a picture of Switzerland lush green valleys, snow-covered mountain peaks, and land merging with the highest mountain mystically once in our lifetime.

The view has always been so mesmerizing and dumbstruck that while holding that picture in our hand, once or twice we have mentioned, “I want to visit Switzerland’.

Today is the chance when you can visit Switzerland, experience the majestic beauty of the land, and explore the world of swiss chocolates and cakes.

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Visit these places in Switzerland


Interlaken is located between Lake Brienz to the east and Lake Thun to the west. The place is home to many summer holiday resorts that give you a view of snow-covered mountain peaks and lush green dense forests along with a clear sky.

Interlaken has 35 acres of open spaces for boosting its flower gardens, cafes, hotels, and much more.

The place is famous for chairlifts and cable cars, snowboarding railways, ski lifts, cross country skiing, paragliding, paddle steamer cruise, and many more note-down activities.

If you are a person who loves relishes beautiful scenery along with adventurous activities, then Interlaken is the place for you. 


While Switzerland is filled with natural wonders, it becomes tough to miss anything and everything in the fairies’ land.

Lucerne is home of turquoise blue water, a waterfront promenade, a car-free medieval old town, bubbling fountains, and palace looking plazas. Lucerne is a place of concerts and musical evenings held in summers and winters alike.

The scenery itself is so eye-catching that you might be reluctant to even come back from the place purely for its natural beauty.

Things to notice at the old town are the Lion Monument, the International music festival, and the Chapel bridge. 

Lake Geneve

Lake Geneve is the largest Alpine lake in Switzerland, resting at the border of Switzerland and France.

Lake Geneve has been one of the most visited sites in Switzerland, particularly for the parks, snow-capped peaks, and gardens surrounding the place. It is one of the most jaw-dropping sites in Switzerland, rightly so. 

If you are planning to visit Switzerland this winter, make your Sun Country Airlines reservations today to get affordable vacation packages. 

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