Know What Herbs Are Real For Real Erectile Dysfunction Solutions

Know What Herbs Are Real For Real Erectile Dysfunction Solutions

Herbs are increasingly preferred by males to deal with erectile dysfunction. The herbs permanently cure the erectile issue.

The result is achieved without side-effects. In cases of erectile dysfunction among younger males, the use of herbs can reverse the cases.

Erectile dysfunction can also strike in younger males due to several physical and mental causes. The best way to deal with these causes is to relax the body and infuse energy in every cell.

The only way to reverse the erectile issue is using herbs and using them constantly with a healthy lifestyle.

However, the herbs do not give a hard erection instantly. You can use Generic Sildenafil 150mg for that purpose. But keep using herbs for a permanent solution. Here are some potent herbs.


This herb is widely used in several countries of East Asian and south-east Asia. It is a popular herb for male sexual health.

Basically it is a root-like many other herb. The herb increases the hormones and influences the production of nitrate oxide which increases blood flow towards the sexual organ in male.

It also relaxes the body and reduces stress and anxiety. The combined effect is better sexual health and greater. Now the ginseng is available in several parts of the world in various forms.

2. Yohimbine

Again this herb is extracted from the bark of a tree in Africa. The herb triggers the release of hormones that promote the blood flow in the vessels in the penis.

The basic function of herbs is to promote the natural blood flow in the body and relax the body and mind.

When a body is fully relaxed and blood flow is smooth towards the various part of the body including penis, the erection process happens when a man is sexually stimulated.

3. Horny goat weed (epimedium)

This is also a natural product used to enhance the erection process in males. It is believed that it increases the hormones in the body that help a male to get an erection process right for a hard erection.

However, you should also consult a doctor before using such herbs to understand the correct doses and safe usage information. The herbs are natural products, but an overdose can increase certain conditions such as heart palpation, dizziness, etc.

4. Ginkgo

The basic purpose of this herb is to increase blood flow towards the various parts of the body including the sexual organ. It also expands the blood vessels by relaxing them.

The expansion of the blood vessels increases blood flow towards the penis. The same act which is performed by erectile dysfunction medicines like Cialis 60 mg.

These drugs also do not help in the direct election process. They just make sure that blood flow is smooth towards the sexual organ.

Consultations with a doctor will help a male to understand which herb will be more effective. Though the consultations are not necessary before using the herb, you need the right guidance if you are using some other medicines.

How to know the genuine herbs?

Certain herbs are used for centuries for males’ sexual health and well being. You only have to find reputed distributors or sellers.

The reputed companies are offering the herbs through online platform. They are certified sellers of the herbs and ensure genuine product at the affordable prices.

Since it is not possible to go to different places to buy the herbs, you can order the herbs online through secure payment mode for home delivery.

Never mix a herb with erectile dysfunction medicine

Herbs should be used separately. Never mix a herb with medicine like Fildena 100mg for an instant erection. The herbs can react with medicines. Second, never overdose a herb or medicine.

Herbs come in tablets or powder form, which is easy to measure. But medicines for erectile dysfunction come in doses from lower to higher quantity.

Get the right dose by examination from a doctor. The right dose is the dose that matches your erectile dysfunction degree.

Continue to use herbs for a considerable period. Use for three months, then take a break and again start the use of herbs.

You will feel the difference after some weeks of use. The improvement will be permanent.

Meanwhile, when you need an instant penile erection, you can use a Viagra 200mg dose. But avoid herbs and other medicines for the next 24 hours. Let the chemical get eliminate from your body.

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