How to Relaunch Your Website with a Bang

How to Relaunch Your Website with a Bang

Your website gets old and outdated, just like anything else. There isn’t, however, nostalgia for old design like there is for retro décor or for older buildings.

While you can absolutely consider a retro design for your website, fundamentally, it needs to be updated and run smoothly. It isn’t just about the look, after all. Rather, it’s about the experience. If your website is not secure, fast, and fun to use, then it is a waste.

Why You Should Relaunch Your Website

There are many reasons why you will want to relaunch your website.

1. It is very old and outdated

If it has been years since you have updated or upgraded the design or the function of your website, then it is an SEO and UX nightmare.

When it is in desperate need of a complete overhaul and has so much work to do, you might as well invest in a full redesign and relaunch your website with a bang.

2. Your business model has fundamentally changed

If your business used to sell a product and now primarily focuses on a service or in a different industry entirely, then you are going to want to rebrand and relaunch to reflect these changes.

Companies change, adapt, and evolve all the time, but your digital presence and branding need to adapt with it. If they don’t, then your marketing and digital materials will be at odds with your business and, in turn, confuse customers.

3. You are undergoing a massive rebranding

If you are going through a massive rebranding effort, then taking the extra few steps to audit and relaunch your website is the best way to really use your rebranding efforts to expand and bring in new audiences.

You don’t just want to change out the visuals; you want to update the experience that customers enjoy when shopping online or just visiting your website to learn more.

How to Relaunch Your Website

To relaunch your website, you will want to follow these steps:

1. Audit your website

There are some things that are great on your website. Others will need to be improved. Some should be cut out entirely. Auditing your website can help give you a clear understanding of what you should keep and what you can do with an upgrade so that you can manage an effective website redesign.

2. Rebranding strategy

Every relaunch should come with an update to your branding. This could be your color scheme; it could be your overall look; it could be the visuals, the logo, and so on.

Upgrading your look is an easy way to visually separate your business between before and now. Between your branding and your audit, you will have enough to then take to a web developer.

3. Hire a web designer

To really give your visitors the best experience, you will want a custom website design. This design should be optimized for users and for search engines and should therefore perform brilliantly and look beautiful on all devices.

4. Create great content

Content is king online, so either create content for your website or alternatively outsource this process as well in order to give your site at least a month’s worth of content to draw from to keep it updated and to keep customers returning regularly.

How to Market your Relaunch

If you have gone through the effort of rebranding and a relaunch, then your customers need to know about it, and you need to market your relaunch with a bang.

1. Hire a great marketing agency

An excellent way to take the guesswork out of a large and complex marketing campaign is to outsource to a dedicated internet marketing agency. An all-in-one agency should be able to coordinate a successful campaign on a variety of different channels, like mobile, social media, in-game, and even location-based advertising.

Make sure that the agency you choose can handle the entire process, including both digital and OOH marketing, on top of SEO and even sales funnels. This way, you can enjoy a marketing campaign that is unified and strategic. 

2. Offer a relaunch deal

Offer a special discount, a limited edition run of products, and so on as a special incentive to get customers to engage with your rebrand launch. This, combined with the variety of marketing campaigns outlined above, will give greater value to your brand and more reason for customers to buy and engage with your relaunch.  

3. Host a relaunch party

Depending on the type of business that you run, you may also want to consider a relaunch party. This is a great choice for fashion and other lifestyle brands, as it engages with your community and opens up the ability to get your relaunch talked about by top travel and local news brands alike.

Relaunching your website means giving it a new lease of life. Successfully managing that relaunch, and marketing it so that you relaunch with a bang, are two of the most important things you can do for the future of your company. Don’t cut corners. Think of your relaunch as a means to revitalize your brand and plan accordingly for the best success.

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