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Ten Digital Marketing Facts That Will Make You Think Twice

Ten Digital Marketing Facts That Will Make You Think Twice

Today the most dynamic industry is the digital marketing world. In this digital marketing world, everyone wants to grow higher as it only needs a little effort to put in.

Digital marketing is spreading around, just like the famous graco cordless paint sprayer for every painter. As paint lovers know the variety of paint sprayers, people having online businesses are aware of digital marketing.

As digital marketing is a growing industry, many facts will make you think twice. If you have a digital marketing interest, you may not want to miss this digital marketing article.

Let’s start with ten digital marketing facts!

1. Due To The Pandemic, There Is An Acceleration Of Digital Marketing In Business

Covid has been a very different and also a life-changing experience for many of us, some changes are good, and a few are bad. The acceleration of digital marketing is a good change as the has been above sixty percent. 

Through digital marketing, the growth of businesses has been amazing. It has been a source of increasing income for people whose businesses are online. 

2. An Increased Interest In The Optimization Of Websites To Improve The Experience Of There Digital Customers

With this era of digital marketing, we are all aware of the optimization of websites as it helps the website to perform better than before. The expectation is of more than forty percent growth in optimizing websites.

Website optimization not only helps to increase the traffic of your website but also improves the customer experience that they have digitally. 

3. People Today Spend The Most Or Ninety Percent Time Online

The increasing interest in social media and its usage was high, but digital marketing has played an essential role in making people spend most of their time online.

First, it was only about fun and games, but now staying online for people is more of the work through digital marketing. 

4. More Than Eighty Percent Business Rely On The Organic Traffic

Today with much knowledge and experience of digital marketing, we all know various means to increase the traffic as many are going for paid traffic as well.

 Although paid traffic is increasing, still, today more than eighty percent of people rely on organic traffic and organic search. 

5. Every Year Only About Six Percent Pages Are Ranking Among The Top Ten Searches

With an increase in digital marketing experience, more people are getting into it, wanting to successfully get their pages ranked in the top ten searches of google.

The increasing amount of websites does not mean that all the pages are ranking, but in reality, only five point seven percent ranks are happening within a year of publishing.

6. There Is A Growth Of Near Me Searches Of About Forty Percent

You must be aware of the keyword if you know about digital marketing. There has been a growth of certain types of searches over a year, and one of them includes the searches near me.

The growth is not a small number, instead, it is about a forty percent increase in the near me searches, making it a new keyword for website owners.

7. The Content Gets Ninety Percent More Views If You Add A Relevant Picture

Content marketing is one of the best forms of digital marketing. Today people are finding various ways to make their content look unique so that they can get more views to increase the traffic.

So adding images and, more importantly, relevant ones is a way to make your content more unique and authentic. 

8. There Is An Higher Open Rate Of Emails If You Send Them On Fridays

One of the forms of digital marketing also includes digital marketing. It will make you think twice after knowing that sending emails on Friday has more chances to be seen and clicked in comparison to some of the other weekdays. 

9. A Study Shows That More Than Forty Percent People Open There Emails Through The Mobile Phones

It is an era of mobile phones today, so we never knew that phones will also be an essential form and source of work. Studies show that more than forty percent of people easily open and read their emails through their phones with a single click. 

10. Posts Get Twenty-Seven Percent More Interactions If You Share Them On Weekends

It will shock you to hear that the engagement on the posts is more than twenty percent on the weekends rather than the working weekdays. So posting on the weekends may be an essential digital marketing technique to follow today. 

Final Words: Ten Digital Marketing Facts That Will Make You Think Twice

If you want to know more about digital marketing, follow the above digital marketing article for some amazing facts that will shock you, making you think twice. 

Best of luck!

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