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How to Quickly Build Business Credit

How to Quickly Build Business Credit

Developing your enterprise credit is significant for your businesses’ capacity to obtain financing. Whether it’s a corporation or a liability enterprise, your company should build a credit report that is separate from your individual credit report.

After registering for a company, a legal institution can enter into agreements. However, if you function as a sole proprietor, you should know that there is no financial or legal difference between your enterprise and you as a person.

Therefore, you should develop credit for the enterprise to separate your individual and business finances. Below are ways of building your company’s credit faster.

Select a Proper Structure for Your Enterprise

You understand that your company’s credit report should differ from your personal credit file. Thus, the first thing in developing your company’s credit profile is differentiating your finances from your business.

Afterward, you should register your enterprise structure. Based on paperwork management and establishment, you can either establish it as a sole proprietorship or partnership or unincorporated enterprise.

You may also establish it as a limited liability partnership (LLP), C- corporation, limited liability company (LLC), and S-corporation.

Selecting the most fitting structure for your business is significant to developing the credit profile of your business; however, if you do not understand how to go about it, seek assistance from an accountant or attorney.

Obtain an EIN (Employer Identification Number) for Your Enterprise

EIN (Employer Identification Number) is a number you should obtain to develop your business’s credit file, and it’s a straightforward procedure; it’s basically a federal tax ID.

An EIN is used for your business identification when applying for your enterprise’s credit. EIN numbers are also used for applying for permits and filing tax returns.

Therefore, utilizing your organizational EIN is significant in establishing the credit profile.

However, in certain situations that mostly affect small businesses, you might use your social security number in applying for credit or a loan to ensure that you have a good credit history.

Loan servicing software may be able to help you keep up with loan statuses to ensure that your personal credit is up to par.

Open a Bank Account for Your Enterprise

Opening a bank account for your company will differentiate your personal finances from your business finances. Therefore, an enterprise business account is significant in separating your individual and companies expenditures.

It will enable the business credit bureaus to quickly determine your business transactions, which will be applied to your business’s credit history.

Therefore, after obtaining an EIN, it is essential to research a suitable account for your enterprise. You should also ensure that your business bank account is not idle. Use funds in the business bank account to settle business expenditures, including rent and utilities.

The bottom line is that opening your company’s bank account is significant in developing the credit profile because it helps lenders to have something to consider when doing funding reviews and deciding if your business is low or high-risk when it comes to lending.

Track the Credit History for Your Enterprise

It is significant to track your business’s credit reports from the three leading credit reporting companies. Every agency gathers information from different sources; therefore, their credit report concerning your company may differ.

Fortunately, every credit company enables you to revise the general data concerning your business. Thus, you should update the agency if you notice any inaccurate or improper data.

Having a good enterprise credit history increases the chances of obtaining more excellent interest rates, better credit approvals, and suitable repayment terms based on credit or loans.

Create Your Company’s Phone Number and Address

Hopefully, you already have your company’s phone number and address accessible and available on different media platforms. Publicly listing your company’s address and phone number will also contribute to building your business’s credit score.

It is required from organizations such as the Better Business Bureau, and many others since the enterprise credit reporting companies get data from directories. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure that your business contact data is consistent and accurate in standard directories.


Having good financing and a good cash flow is significant to the success of your business. The majority of enterprises collapse due to issues related to cash flow, which you can prevent.

You can handle such an issue by developing the credit report for your enterprise quickly, thus improving your business’s success.

The above ways can be a good start in developing credit for your business and obtaining your company’s short and long-term goals.

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