How to Clean your Ear Buds or Earphones

How to Clean your Ear Buds or Earphones

The following given content are the easiest steps you can use to clean your hearing accessories:

Your cleaning supplies have to be gathered at first:

You need to gather some materials in order to get your accessories clean. To select a single cleaning solution can be difficult depending on the quality of your accessories.

Secondly, you will need a toothbrush with long and thin bristles so that it can really scrub out the dirt out of your earphones or earbuds. While researching I found out Tozo T10 is one of the best Earbuds in the market. 

Just keep in mind to use lukewarm water, a cloth to dry the excess water and mild soap solution so that that it does not damage the parts of your hearing accessories.

Now, the cleaning process starts:

Before starting your cleaning process you need to take care of the precautionary measures such as it should not be connected with any of your devices so it does not come in contact with the water.

Now, remove the cover of your ear buds and soak them in lukewarm water and scrub the excess debris or dirt out of your ear buds.

On the other hand, if the earbuds cannot be removed then damp with a wet cloth and scrub the earbuds carefully.

Now make sure you do all the process with delicacy as a little mistake can ruin your accessories and soapy water should not be used to clean the ear phones with cloth, as it may be difficult to remove.

After the procedure has been done now place your earphones under a fan or some airy place for a quick dry.

Disinfecting the earphones:

Ears are a sensitive part of your body and are also a hallway for the germs, so it is better if you use earphones once they disinfected and practice this regularly.

You can use an alcohol based sanitizer or hydrogen peroxide and damp a cotton bus and wipe it off. Remember to practice it quite often and after sharing with headphones and ear buds both.

Now there are also variations on the outer finish of your hearing accessories. If the outer finish is made from wood then you can use a wood polish for the disinfecting purposes and if the finish is of aluminum then solutions like jewelry polish can be used.

Care for your hearing accessories:

Now the most important step is to take for your earphones and headphones to make them last longer. If you want to check the list of best wireless Earbuds under 50 here it is.

If your earphones are a part of your workout. It is recommended to use wipe them off and clean them after every workout and disinfect them on the weekly basis.

Other than even your water-resistant earphones require to be dried before keeping them in storage as this may become home to many germs.

More on, other than these specifications your usage will really alter your care routine such as if the earphones are used outdoors then they are more prone to the germs then the ones used inside.

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