How to Boost your Brand in 2020 with These 5 Tips

How to Boost your Brand in 2020 with These 5 Tips

Your brand is the voice of your business, it delivers your values, attributes, and the mission/vision. It has to be powerful enough to convince your audience and give them the reasons to follow.

Now, in 2020 in between the cut-throat competition, if you don’t have meaningful brand values, customers can choose another brand over you.  

So, it’s important to work on your brand to uplift its values. From your logo to the website layout and the content you write, every inch counts in your brand building. 

Below are five practical strategies that will help to grow your brand values in 2020.

1. Be Authentic

Every business has its unique values, prepositions, and attributes that define them. Instead of being your brand voice, if you try to copy your competitors, you will lose your identity.

Or even if you try to fake things up, you’ll be tired at a point for faking up a lot. So, be yourself and make your voice, the brand voice.  

Being authentic with your brand depicts your personal tone, reality and the things that matter about your business.

Take Gary Vaynerchuk for example who give reasons to the audience to interact with him.

He creates real content while traveling, eating or even communicating. And his content resonates with the audience which also becomes shareable quickly. That’s the power of personal branding! 

So, be authentic with your business in a cost-effective budget and bring your real self up in the digital space that means finding your unique skills, passion and resonating with your brand values.

2. Create Blogs

Blogging is the best medium to increase your brand power. It plays an important role in educating the readers, giving them value and building relations with them.

Secondly, when you create blogs you stay consistent in your efforts which gives search engines the content to crawl on and gain your website authority. 

When you give your audience the daily inspiration, valuable content and keep showing up in their news feed, they will find more opportunities to collaborate with you.

This will also give a boost to your website. Many successful branding companies in Dubai started their journey with blogging and later evolved into a superior business model.

Blogging is a great way to build your brand audience and your network so follow it for a great boost in your brand power, you’ll love the results. 

3. Be an Expert 

Branding can become tough when you don’t know in-depth details about your business or when the knowledge doesn’t flow on your fingertips.

It’s the knowledge that makes you an expert and when you share it with your audience they become your followers because you not only shared the knowledge but also the value with it. 

So, being an expert is important as it also boosts your product selling. Having knowledge also gives you an edge over your competitors and will also be great to boost your brand building. 

4. Collaborate with Social Media Influencers

We all start small and to grow we need reach and followers. And that reach can only happen when we collaborate with other social media influencers who have great power.  

To start with the collaboration, find the relevant influencers and ask them to give you a shout out in their digital log. This process will be beneficial in gaining traffic from other influencers and growing your digital presence.  

But make sure you research the right influencers because the irrelevant ones will give you no traffic and reach. 

5. Bring the X Factor in your Brand

There are a huge number of brands in the digital space, why should people follow yours? 

There should be an X factor in your business that will make the people follow your brand. Without that X factor, you’ll have the problem maximizing your brand. 

The X factor not only makes you unique but also gives you an edge over the flowing number of brands online.


If you’re passionate about growing your brand then following the tips above are important as these tips will amplify your reach by growing your followers. 

Any other tips you would like to add to make this blog more meaningful?

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