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Why Must Construction Companies Adopt Social Media Marketing

Why Must Construction Companies Adopt Social Media Marketing

Companies in the commercial sector are often hesitant to engage in social media marketing. For example, there’s a common misconception that no one cares about seeing a construction project on Facebook.

However, social media marketing can be an additional helpful tool for many construction digital marketing in the arsenal of inbound marketing tactics. It is, nevertheless, a brave new world.

Social networking isn’t always a natural fit for construction companies. Social media marketing can be of great help for marketing market your construction company to establish some brand awareness and industry authority, 

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing means marketing at zero cost to your firm through social media channels. For instance, you post your blogs on LinkedIn or Facebook or share regular business updates on Twitter. Unfortunately, it is frequently mixed up with social media advertising. 

They’re two very different things, even though they’re both effective marketing strategies. Any paid social media activity is referred to as social media advertising. So while posting your blog post to Facebook is considered social media marketing, boosting that post and putting some money behind it is considered Facebook advertising.

Why is social media important for Construction Companies?

Most construction companies are hesitant to engage in social media marketing. If you primarily work on commercial buildings and for other businesses, it’s difficult to see how social media could help your bottom line. In addition, social media may not feel like a natural fit even if your construction company regularly interacts with customers or homeowners.

It’s critical to remember that, even if you’re strictly a B2B construction company, every company you work with comprises people. In addition, most people nowadays have at least one social media account.

Consider the millions of construction project managers, facilities managers, homeowners, business owners, entrepreneurs, and others. Simply put, your ideal buyer and target audience are on social media. You should be as well.

But Can Digital Agency for Construction Certainly Drive Results?

We’re aware that your ideal buyer is active on social media. How does this impact construction marketing agencies and potentially contribute to your bottom line? 

 It depends on your social media marketing strategy’s quality and your social media account goals. Digital marketing agency functions in a variety of ways. It could be:

● A platform for brand amplification. It is a method of getting your excellent news and content into the hands of those who want it.

● A tool for raising your brand’s awareness. Undoubtedly, the more recognizable your brand is, the more likely people will remember you and hire you for their next construction


● A method of connecting with your audience. You can invest in social listening by engaging with your followers on social media. Once you’ve identified your audience’s most common pain points and questions, you can create solutions to address them.

● A machine for generating leads. If done correctly, social media can be used to drive leads to your website and construction company. However, to accurately measure your results, you must first understand what that looks like. All of these methods are effective. 

 All of these approaches are beneficial. All of these methods will aid in the growth of your construction company. The benefits of social media marketing, from gaining a better understanding of what your ideal buyer wants and needs to increasing brand awareness, can drive results for your construction company.

How Should Construction Companies Get Started with Social Media Marketing?

Initially, a social media marketing strategy can be time-consuming.

The most challenging part, especially for construction marketing agencies, appears to be just getting started. So follow these six steps to give your construction company’s social media marketing structure and ensure that you stick with it.

1. Set a Goal

Setting goals is crucial for the construction marketing agency. Social media marketing is powerful, but it will only work for you if you understand the platform, your objectives for that platform, and how to track your progress toward those objectives. And now that it has been brought up, you should have a concrete awareness goal. 

 Perhaps the goal is to average a certain number of views or impressions per post. Maybe it’s to increase the number of people who follow you. Choose a reasonable number and time frame, and then track your progress over time.

The same method can be used to achieve any other goal. For example, perhaps you want to increase conversions through LinkedIn. Analyze the number of modifications you want to see in the coming month. 

 Then, track the number of clicks on your LinkedIn posts. Finally, follow the path of those visitors. Do they convert once they arrive at your site? If not, why not? Setting goals and tracking progress are essential for ensuring that your social media marketing strategy produces results.

2. Pick a Platform

This leads us to the next point: selecting a social media platform. Not all construction marketing agencies will yield the same results. Every social media platform has its benefits and features. You should choose the platform best suited to your construction company’s social media marketing objectives. 

 Here are some of the best social media platforms for construction companies, along with a description of the goals that each platform best serves:

● Facebook – Excellent for raising general awareness. If you want to spread the word about your company and attract more attention to your projects and brand, Facebook is an excellent place to start.

● LinkedIn – An appropriate choice for commercial construction marketing. You’ll find content here is geared toward efficiency, and a lot can be done to raise brand awareness and drive targeted conversions. 

● Houzz is an ideal platform for construction companies with direct contact with consumers. If you want to establish yourself as an industry expert, Houzz is a great place to start. Houzz offers numerous opportunities for construction professionals to interact directly with consumers, offering advice and building your reputation as

an industry authority.

● Instagram is another great platform for showcasing your work and increasing brand awareness. It is the best for showing before and after photos, highlighting new products, and showcasing beautiful work. Instagram is a visually-focused platform, so it isn’t the best place to drive conversions, but it is an effective tool for brand growth. 

 Consistent, high-quality posting is the key to successful social media marketing for construction companies. Don’t overcommit or overextend if your company is new to social media marketing. Begin with one or two platforms at most, and focus on growing your following there first before expanding.

3. Post Consistently

Consistent, high-quality posting is the key to successful social media marketing. To begin, post at least twice a week. Also, be deliberate about what you post. I won’t go into detail, but different types of posts receive more attention from various platforms. Conduct some research on the platform you’ve chosen and devise a strategy that includes the following:

● Best practices for your platform should be posted.

● How often to post?

What should I write?

Choosing what to post is often the most challenging aspect of social media marketing for construction companies, so let’s look at some best practices.

4. Vary Your Content

When you first start using social media for your construction company, it’s easy to focus on one post type, such as an employee spotlight or before and after project photographs. It’s great that

you’re posting regularly, but your followers will likely grow tired of seeing similar posts in their feeds. So please try to vary your content so that your followers always feel that they are seeing something new or exciting from you.

Bringing variety in the type of content your construction company produces benefits you in several ways:

● It helps ensure that your content speaks to more than one buyer’s persona. With a variety of content, you’re more likely to gain followers.

● It keeps your followers interested by providing them with new content to look forward to.

● It will most likely assist you in maintaining a consistent reach with each post. Any social media platform is likely to begin limiting the reach of your posts as they notice that fewer people are interested in the content you’re putting out. You’re more likely to increase the post’s engagement when you post new, different, exciting, or interesting content each time. When more people like, comment on, and share your

posts, you gain a wider audience, eventually leading to a larger following. Consider incorporating videos if you ever get stuck. Nothing satisfies social media users more than video. 

5. Get Involved

Get involved once your construction company’s social media marketing strategy is up and running. Whatever platform you use, active engagement is critical to the success of your social media strategy. Respond to the comments on your post. Participate in groups relevant to your construction company if you’re on a platform like LinkedIn, Houzz, or Facebook. 

 LinkedIn is beneficial for this, but Facebook and Houzz also have many industry-specific groups in which you can participate. Start a conversation with a few groups that interest you or are relevant to your construction company.

Respond to other group members’ questions, ask your own, and, when appropriate, share some helpful information. The more you participate in these social media marketing platforms, the faster your presence will grow and the more authority you will gain in your industry. 

 Even on Instagram, your company can participate by commenting on the posts of others in your industry, sharing interesting posts on your Stories, and simply responding to your followers when they comment on your post.

If you actively engage with your followers and other industry professionals on your platform, you’ll see far better results than if you post once a week.

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