Find Five Fantastic Points to Consider When Choosing A Baking School in Dubai

Find Five Fantastic Points to Consider When Choosing A Baking School in Dubai

Is it your dream to become the best pastry chef in Dubai? Are you willing to pursue your career as a baker and pastry chef in Dubai? Then sooner or later, you have to join a baking school to learn the essential skills required for this profession.

I can understand that you have a passion for cooking, especially for cakes and pastries, that have driven you over the years. But only having passion is not enough to become the best pastry chef in Dubai.

Creating whimsical wedding cakes or delicious desserts demands something more than passion and desire.

You need to put in hours in baking training. Many old-school chefs have emphasized the importance of real-life experiences for this profession. And that is the reason why industry training for bakers has become so crucial.

Most of today’s baking gurus have graduated from the top baking schools of Dubai, and they are most likely to hire chefs and bakers with the same credentials.

They emphasize having degrees or diplomas from any of the best baking schools in Dubai before offering you a job in their restaurant as a baker.

There are hundreds of baking schools in Dubai, and every school offers more or less the same training on the basics of cooking. But they provide varieties in terms of teaching beyond those traditional ways of cooking.

It requires a lot of time and effort to figure out which baking school suits your cooking styles and is going to provide you with all the training and learning you require to become the best pastry chef in Dubai.

Here in this article, we are going to share with you some important tips that will help you figure out the best baking school in Dubai. Then you can enroll in them depending on your circumstances.

  1. Types of baking schools: Depending upon your financial situation, career plans, and location, certain types of baking schools will suit you better than the rest. Some of the pastry chef schools are:
  2. Culinary institutes: A culinary institute specializes in providing training on culinary arts. They provide short and hands-on programs to familiarize you with real-life experiences and skills that you must have before you start working in a kitchen immediately after your graduation.
  3. Vocational schools and community colleges: Students who are willing to learn culinary and baking skills but have financial issues can join vocational schools and community colleges for more affordable learning options. These vocational schools and community colleges are usually less expensive than private culinary colleges as they are subsidized by the government of Dubai.
  4. Universities or colleges: There are only a few colleges and universities that offer baking programs. Most of those universities and colleges focus on students who are pursuing management and willing to open their own baking business.

Choose the type of institute that suits your baking styles and you think will help you become the best pastry chef in Dubai.

  • Baking degree programs: Choose a baking degree program depending upon how quickly you want to start your baking career, career goals, financial resources you have, and how much depth of education you want to pursue. I am mentioning some of the programs below.
  • Certificate courses: Enrolling in baking certificate programs in local baking schools is probably the easiest option to choose from. It is the quickest way of receiving baking training to head start your career as a pastry chef. These certificate programs take around 6 months to 1 year to complete and are mostly offered by culinary institutes and vocational schools.
  • Diploma: A diploma program is the most common baking degree program at a vocational chef school. These programs usually do not take more than one year to complete. It will prepare you with the culinary and baking skills you require to bake cakes and pastries before you start working in a restaurant or bakery.
  • Associate degree: An associate degree is a 2-year degree program that combines all the culinary techniques and other academic courses. Most of these programs are geared toward restaurant management aspirations.
  • Bachelor’s degree: Most colleges and universities provide this baking training program. Here the program focuses on developing all the necessary culinary and baking skills, along with restaurant management and hospitality training. If you want to establish your restaurant then this is the baking degree program you should opt for.

Choose the baking degree program that you think is the most beneficial course for you to become the best pastry chef Dubai. Opt for the course that will teach you how to bake and design delicious cakes and pastries.

Before opting for the course in any baking school, you need to make sure about the skills that they will teach you. Most aspiring chefs consider areas of specialization before enrolling in any baking degree programs.

Some aspiring chefs are more interested in baking and decorating wedding cakes whereas others are interested in small cakes and pastries. Make sure you get admission to the baking school that offers specializations that are aligned with your interests.

Those students who have chosen their specializations beforehand are most likely to be very successful in their career as pastry chefs.

  • Cost and flexibility of the programs of different baking schools: Now when you know about different baking schools and institutes and the difference between the specialization they offer, it is time to consider the cost and duration of the baking course that they offer.

If you have figured out that you want to pursue your career as a baker and pastry chef, then you must go for program courses. Different degree programs come with different time duration and fee structures. Some of these programs conducted by top bakery schools in Dubai costs a lot. But, they promise comprehensive education in baking and culinary arts. These are the most viable options for serious chefs.

But if you are more into baking delicious cakes and pastries out of passion and not serious yet to take it as a career, then you should probably opt for diploma programs as they are comparatively less costly.

Many baking schools also offer flexible timings for programs keeping in mind the needs of the students. They usually conduct two types of baking degree programs.

  • Full-time day programs: Students who have enrolled in full-time day programs start their classes in the morning. The program runs all day long and ends in the afternoon. The advantage of taking a full-time program is that you get to finish the training and studies in a shorter time. If you can devote your entire day to baking then opt for this option.
  • PArt-time evening programs: Students who are already engaged in full-time jobs find this program more convenient. Classes generally continue for a few hours in the evening. These programs take longer to finish.

You first need to decide the baking program you are most comfortable with then check the amount each baking school charges. Then go for the program you find most affordable and that serves your purposes.

But to be the best pastry chef Dubai you need to go for full-time program courses conducted by top baking schools in Dubai.

  • Look for baking school accreditation: If you are confused about which school will teach you the best baking skills, then look for their accreditation.

Accredited baking schools are recognized by some of the main accrediting organizations of Dubai for successfully meeting national and regional standards.

Accreditation serves as a seal of approval from authorities in the baking and culinary industries.

To get accredited by the top authorities, a baking school must undergo rigorous evaluations such as curriculum, certificates of instructors, facilities, student to teacher ratios, etc.

Make sure the baking program you are enrolling in is approved by the Knowledge and Human Development Authority of the Government of Dubai.

These accreditations will provide you with peace of mind and boost your confidence before enrolling in a full cooking course or specialized pastry programs conducted by baking schools all over the country.

Accreditations ensure you get the best cooking and baking practices along with maintaining standards for the best culinary arts education.

You also need to check the reputation of the institution. Reputation is what image an institution maintains. You can determine a baking institute’s reputation by checking on the reviews and testimonials from their former students.

Make sure you get admission to an accredited baking company that provides you the best training and knowledge of baking and helps you become the best pastry chef Dubai.

  • Life after course completion:

The most important point to consider is what your life will look like after the completion of the baking program you have enrolled in. See how well they are placing students on pastry and baking chef jobs. Analyze their placement ratios. As you are investing your time and money into the program, be sure they provide the best job opportunities and placements after completion.

Go on to the schools’ websites and find information about their total number of placed students and the number of students that have got baking job offers from the last batch.

You can talk to previous students of different baking schools who have enrolled in their programs. Ask them about how satisfied they are with the chef jobs. Find the average salary of candidates after graduating from different baking schools.

Find information about these baking schools’ previous placement performances from their official websites or social media handles. Then wisely choose the baking school you want to enter.

Conclusion: If you are planning for a career shift or just want to pursue your childhood dream of becoming the best pastry chef Dubai then choosing the culinary and bakery industries is probably a viable option for you.

You may have cooked many cakes and pastries out of passion but taking this skill to the professional level will require a lot of training and real-life experience.

The best option for you is to get admission to a baking school. Make sure the school is accredited and well-reputed and offers pastry chef jobs after the compilation of the training.

Consider the five points that I have mentioned above to find the best baking school depending upon your requirements.

If you are serious about opting for baking as a career and want to be the best pastry chef in Dubai, then get yourself enrolled in the best baking schools in Dubai.

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