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Project Pioneer Review – Connor Shelefontiuk Scam

Project Pioneer Review – Connor Shelefontiuk Scam

The Project Pioneer Course is a comprehensive course in dropshipping, which provides you with a roadmap to building a profitable online store.

The training explains everything from the mindset required to source the products and test them to the cash flow necessary to sustain an online business.

It also covers how to use email marketing and SMS marketing to increase your sales and profits. The bonus modules include videos on setting up and optimizing campaigns. 

Is there any real value in the training? Or is Connor Shelefontiuk’s course a scam designed to fool people who are trying to make money online? Let’s find out.

The Pioneer Method – Testing:

The Pioneer method focuses on testing. It starts with video lessons on how to find the right products. This is so important because not all products are suitable for dropshipping.

The course teaches how to create a professional website and how to make sales through Facebook. The next few lessons focus on creating highly converting product pages.

The final module outlines how to set up a FB ad account. You will also be taught about optimizing your sales capacity with the help of videos and images.

Additional Bonuses:

The Project Pioneer course offers several bonuses that help students learn how to create an online store.

In the bonus module, Connor’s videos and recordings demonstrate his actions and the steps to take to create landing pages and sales funnels.

You will also become a part of an active community of online sellers where you can learn from others. The project pioneer bonus modules are extremely useful and help students avoid costly trial and error.

Aside from that, it gives them the confidence and knowledge to start a successful business on Shopify. There are also many additional modules in the course.

Is dropshipping profitable?

The Project Pioneer course is a great option for entrepreneurs who want to start an online business. It provides everything the entrepreneur needs to create an online business.

Even the smallest details can be easily overlooked by novices. The bonus modules are designed to guide the student to the right path, and this includes the essential resources for the successful launch of their online store.

The best part of the Project Pioneer course is that Connor records himself doing everything on video. You are not left with lengthy tutorials where you have to read and figure everything on your own.

What do you learn?

In addition to learning how to create an online store, the project pioneer course covers marketing strategies and other aspects of a dropshipping business.

The program is a comprehensive guide to dropshipping, and it teaches students how to market their products and services to maximize their profits.

In short, you’ll learn how to create an eCommerce website that is profitable. This will enable you to make money from the convenience of dropshipping.

The Project pioneer course includes nine modules which include lessons about picking a niche, choosing the right product, and marketing strategy.

The curriculum is designed to help you create a successful online business. It’s worth noting that the course covers a vast array of topics, making it essential for entrepreneurs to take advantage of all of them.


The main focus of the Project pioneer course is to learn the basics of dropshipping and to create a successful business.

The program includes more than 50 video lessons and a comprehensive approach to setting up a dropshipping website. There are many things to consider while setting up a successful store.

For instance, you’ll need to ensure that your customers can trust your online store. If you want to attract new customers, you’ll need to provide them with quality products.

Another aspect that makes the course stand out is that it’s an excellent choice for people who are already experienced, drop shippers.

Unlike other courses that focus on teaching how to start a business from scratch, the Project pioneer program offers an overview of the dropshipping process. Moreover, it also helps you learn how to find the right products.

The lessons of the Project pioneer are detailed and easy to understand. The user-friendly platform allows you to choose the best product to sell.

The course is structured to ensure the success of your business. This course is also a valuable tool for those who are already selling products and are ready to scale up their business.

This dropshipping program is also useful for those who are new to eCommerce because it focuses on the basics of dropshipping and includes the best techniques to start a successful store.

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