Fiji Or Bali: Select The Best Option For A Perfect Family Holiday

Fiji Or Bali: Select The Best Option For A Perfect Family Holiday

We all recognize that Fiji and Bali each are pretty tremendous travel destinations for diverse reasons. No matter in case you’re making plans a romantic vacation or a circle of relatives’ journey.

Fiji and Bali have some of the finest facilities to serve you as much as make your journey a memorable one. Since both these locations are really similar but nevertheless there are ways through which we will make a call on where to journey. 

If you’re additionally confused approximately which amongst these two places to choose for a family excursion then you definitely maximum likely would really like to read extra approximately the elements that will without a doubt help you’re making a very last call on where to travel. You can also book your spirit airlines reservations for your travel because its also help you to save your money.

We have as compared both of those well-known travel locations on the basis of journey, resorts available, food, seashores, and nightlife. The sizeable research achieved here might be of remarkable help to you so that you can make a final decision.

There is no doubt that both of those places have a number of the pinnacle magnificence scenic views, astounding seashores, lavish accommodations and scrumptious meals serving restaurants.

Check out the following evaluation to determine out where you want to journey.

Fiji or Bali: Which one is greater less expensive?

In latest times, Fiji has experienced a upward push in prices because of its worldwide popularity.

Its important cash eater is taken into consideration to be transportation with taxis pricing around $36 to $sixty five for travel in between cities. As Bali is extra focused and cheaper overall, a 1-hour taxi trip will normally set you again around $30.

Fiji or Bali: Flights Comparison

Both these locations have a good flight community and have outstanding connectivity to almost all of the principal cities in the world.

If you’re planning for a own family holiday to any of these locations, then test out the following information associated with flights. Get your KLM reservations achieved and avail cheap flights tickets.


Flights are usually inexpensive to Fiji from Australia’s most densely inhabited cities. Most set you returned approximately $seven-hundred to $800 return.

Daily Cheap Airlines:

A accurate mix of price range and full-service airways fly instantly to Bali and Fiji. Airlines that fly non-prevent to Bali comprise Jetstar, Qantas and Garuda Indonesia.

Airlines that fly non-prevent to Fiji encompass Jetstar, Qantas, Virgin Australia, and Fiji Airways. KLM flight booking will let you travel to any which of those places with utmost comfort.


Bali has one essential international airport (Denpasar) even as Fiji has (Nadi and Suva).

Flight duration:

Flights to Bali from Australia’s north and west (Darwin and Perth) are much less than four hours. However, if you fly from the east (Sydney or Melbourne) flights creep closer to the seven-hour mark.

The reverse applies for flights to Fiji with journeys out of Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane taking 4–five hours and flights from Perth taking roughly 10 hours.

Flight times and frequency:

Numerous flights take off during the day to each Bali and Fiji. There are to a degree extra flights to Bali out of Sydney, with as much as five flights according to day as opposed to a few flights in step with day to Fiji.

Fiji or Bali: Hotels

However, Fiji again is more highly-priced with budget dorm rooms starting at $27. Budget inns start at $60 a night, mid-variety resorts at $160 and lavish inns from $300 in step with night time.

In Bali hostels are common and generally begin at $10. Home stays may be as less expensive at $15, lodges start at $30 and villas at $100. Luxury accommodations can variety from $250 to $1,000, depending up on the extent of lavishness you need. As an aside, Fiji has some fantastic overwater bungalows whilst Bali doesn’t.

Fiji or Bali: Beaches

Fiji is popularly regarded for white sand beaches in almost every region of the country. Getting a fine motel for your live alongside the seashore isn’t an issue in Fiji and marine life is commonly available that allows you to spot. The predominant purpose to head for it’s miles that they’re smooth and not too busy beaches.

On the other hand, Bali, unfortunately, has beaches and waters that are infamously dirty and often however now not all the time busy.

Many of the seashores in Bali in Indonesia are black sand beaches however white sand seashores exist too. If you need great seaside experience in Bali your satisfactory gamble is on the beaches of Uluwatu.

Fiji or Bali: Food

Balinese meals is wealthy in flavor and includes noodles, rice and fried dishes. As Bali is popular with Australian tourists, you might not be quick of alternatives for Australian/Western delicacies with severa cafes and lively hotel restaurants offering acquainted dishes, some in spite of a hipster atmosphere.

Fijian food delights are seafood, coconut, rice and cassava. As there are various Indian and Chinese Fijians, you will find out a big range of cuisines or fusion food that consist of these exquisite cultures’ palates. Resorts specifically present a wide blend of cuisines, as in line with your widespread high-give up Western restaurant and sundry buffet options.

Fiji or Bali: Nightlife

Fiji offers some of bars on the most island of Viti Levu in Nadi and Suva, as well as the famous Beachcomber Island, which is recognized for partying. The bars are naturally laid-again with surfer vibes. Book flight tickets online via KLM booking and get cheap flight tickets after availing bargain flight deals.

Bali is the polar opposite of Fiji, boasting a plenty of night-existence from snug beach bars and lounges to top-notch bars and nightclubs. If you’re in the proper spot, inclusive of Kuta, Canggu or Uluwatu in Bali you may be capable to dance the entire night time away to world-famous DJs.


So, Fiji and Bali both are top notch tour destinations to choose for your own family vacation. Above mentioned records will show to be helpful in order to determine which manner you have to go. As per the studies performed, Fiji and Bali each have similar form of setup.

Both locations have some costly resorts, inns, beautiful beaches, and uncommon cuisine.

So you can book your American airlines reservations for your travel to save your money. But Bali is comparatively less expensive than Fiji and will provide almost the identical level of facilities that too at an low-priced price.

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