Fashion Tips to Help You Wear Your Kaftan With Confidence

Fashion Tips to Help You Wear Your Kaftan With Confidence

Vibrant kaftans are all the rage these days, with fashionistas prowling the stores for these eye-catching pieces to spruce up their wardrobe.

After all, summer is just right around the corner, so this willowy, flowing dresses make for the perfect hot-weather get up.

There is a broad range of kaftans online from long, short, to in-between styles. They come in various prints, materials, and colours. If you are considering adding a kaftan to your wardrobe to make an impressive OOTD (outfit of the day), then you are on the right track.

Consider these tips so you can wear your kaftan anywhere from the beach to the office with confidence.


1. Layer a Slip Dress

Never come out of your house without a slip dress underneath your kaftan. Whether it’s long, short or in between, you need a breathable fabric to protect your body.

Kaftans are typically made of very light materials. Sometimes, they are so luminous and sheer, so when the light shines on you at a certain angle, everything you have underneath your dress will be exposed for the world to see.

Do yourself a favour and put on a comfy slip to avoid any embarrassing moments. You don’t want your privates unknowingly showing in public, especially if you decided to wear your kaftan to work or a party.

But if you are at the beach and wearing your outfit with a bikini, then all bets are off.

2. Avoid Looking Like a Tent

Kaftans are very flowing, and sometimes they come across as shapeless. Whether you opt for long or short kaftans online, the key is to select a style that doesn’t exude the vibe of a tent.

You can add a belt if it is too loose and looks like a sack. A belt will draw attention to your waist, giving you that perfect hourglass look.

As for shorter kaftans, you can pair these with shorts if you are keen on showing your long legs. Some shorter designs also go well with pants so you can comfortably wear them to your work meetings.

Since these kaftans are super voluminous, your primary goal must be to balance your proportions so you can still show your body shape.

3. Focus on Footwear

Your chosen footwear can make or break your outfit. Don’t forget to pay close attention to your shoes because they must compliment your whole look. Wedges are a great match to these summery dresses, especially if you want to add height.

You can also opt for embellished flats if high heels are not your cup of tea. If you decide to wear this to work, then nude heels are a must to mute the vibrant colours and busy patterns of your kaftan.

4. Accessorising is a Must

Yes, wearing accessories is a must but don’t go overboard. After all, a kaftan is already eye-catching on its own. With bold prints and intense colours that pop, you must be intentional about your chosen accessories.

Chandelier earrings usually work well with these flowing dresses because both elements create movement. If you select this approach, it is best to forego a chunky necklace or bracelet.

However, if you pick a strong mood ring with an accompanying bracelet, a simple pair of earrings will do the trick. Most of all, don’t forget to choose a bag that will complete your whole ensemble. Stick to a neutral colour with no prints so it will not clash with your dress.  

Final Word

The best tip you must remember is to pick a kaftan that suits your personality. It will make you feel the most comfortable, giving you the right arsenal to strut your stuff with confidence.

You only have one body, so you must dress and carry it well. After all, life is like a fashion show, and the world is most definitely your runway.

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