Embrace the ART of Doing Nothing for a Good Health

Embrace the ART of Doing Nothing for a Good Health

Our lives are restricted in ‘To Do’ lists. Morning, in fact early morning to late night, we have a decided set of activities that can keep us extremely busy whole day even whole life.

We really do not know how to be FREE for some time and do ABSOLUTELY nothing. For sure you all can relate to this.

However, at the same time, we have countless complaints about chaotic life and recurring stress. It means, we need something in the name of change and that change is the ART OF DOING NOTHING.


It is about taking out a few precious moments when you do not perform any task and sit idle. This idleness is not about being pointless or with no purpose; it is, in fact, an escape window from a busy robotic life.

Our Mind Needs To Relax For A Better Performance In Life

Your laptop needs to be updated with new updates; the mind needs to be updated with new energy. For this purpose, you need to let it relax. Our mind should spend some moments when it is doing nothing. Our mental health depends a lot on the spare time we get.

There are some reasons to let your mind relax –

  • Those who remain busy all the time are more prone to frustration
  • Giving rest to mind helps you think clearly about the future and plan better
  • It helps in emotional well-being and improves decision-making power

The mind is the actual driver of the body and it needs to be strong. Sitting idle helps it think better for the coming tomorrow and make better plans for your future.

A tired and ill mind turns into a monster and harms your own life. Take out some time and leave everything you are doing for a while and let the mind relax.

Quality Time with ‘ME TIME’

The back-to-back tasks keep our mind occupied so much that we hardly get relief from stress. The continuous thought of ‘I am not able to give time to myself’, increases the negativity.

Everything we do is for our materialistic progress, but in that journey, we forget our mental well-being.

When it happens to the extreme, we start losing control of our emotions, and recurring stress occurs.

  • How ‘Me Time’ when you do nothing helps?
  • ‘Me Time’ refreshes the mind and fills with new energy and thinks much better
  • You can improve concentration because you think about no one but yourself
  • Productivity improves because mind gets healthier when you realise your existence
  • It facilitates self-realisation process and magnifies our strengths and weaknesses
  • It builds self-confidence as a consequence of self-realisation
  • Life gets more organised because planning the next day is easier during ‘Me Time’

Just like we seek to spend quality time with our loved ones, we also need to spend some time with ourselves. It can be a good dose for the body and mind and happy, healthy life.

Doing Nothing = Improved Relationships

Yes, the calculation works precisely in the same manner. When you are not busy performing tiring daily tasks, your mind relaxes, and mental health improves. When these two things happen, you get to calm down and think positively about relationships.

  • Here are some outcomes of this calculation for maintaining good relations –
  • Doing nothing is the time when you think about the positive points of your personal relationships.
  • The ways to solve the relational complications can be invented because there is nothing to disturb you.
  • You can realise your mistakes and can program perfectly to apologise to a family member who faced your anger for no reason.

The process of sitting free at a place ignites positive feel about personal relations, and you think on the related solutions. It helps to understand that quarrel is not useful and only destroys life.

Upgrades Money Management

All our race is to chase money and earn more and more for future security, prosperity, stability, and blah.. blah… blah…  Prosperity and richness are not about earning more; it is also about managing what you have.

Financial frustration is one of the significant issues of human life nowadays. It snatches your ability to manage the available financial resources efficiently, which results in further stress.

  • The art of doing nothing helps upgrade personal finances in the following manner
  • Doing nothing brings peace of mind, and you can think clearly on future financial goals
  • It gives ample time to create determination for good spending behaviour
  • You get time to think for solutions on financial issues that refine future

Sometimes to do so many things, you need to do nothing. We know money is the magnet of this materialistic world.

Festivals are approaching, and people have many expenses to tackle, and those with financial issues such as no job or bad credit have so much to do.

They may know about the Christmas loans for bad credit as a relatable solution, but it is vital to plan for repayments. While doing nothing, one can think of such things in a peaceful atmosphere.

Learn to be yourself

We copy each other so much (due to jealousy or materialistic reasons) that we forget to wear our original identity.

Either we want other people to behave like us, or we want to become someone else. The art of doing nothing helps in getting closer to what we are–

  • How can you be yourself while doing nothing –
  • You  realise your importance in this world
  • Doing nothing helps develop individuality
  • You notice your habits, qualities & strengths
  • You understand how foolish it is to copy other people

When you behave what you are, a great personality takes birth with the energy to change the world. Snobbish people never earn actual mental peace because happiness is in originality.


It is always challenging to practice a healthy and positive lifestyle because we all are SO BUSY. However, we need to take out some time to live a better life

The art of doing nothing teaches people to achieve mental stability and in turn, good physical health. Keep things aside, stretch your body and just relaaax!!!

The biggest thing you do while doing nothing is – You meet yourself, and that is the essential thing to live successfully in life. Isn’t it?

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