Best Superheroes Who Break up The Most In Movies

Best Superheroes Who Break up The Most In Movies

10. Rogue

You would think with the powers Rogue has, that she wouldn’t really date anyone, and just keep to herself, well that’s not true at all.

Rogue has had a lot of notable relationships over the years. One of the biggest and longest-lasting ones was with Gambit. Although, it didn’t last and it ended kind of badly.

She has also been with Sentry, who was one of the only ones who she could actually touch and not permanently hurt, there was also Spiderman in the 90’s cartoon and it kind of also got addressed in an issue of X-Men Forever, but if you hadn’t already guessed, it didn’t last. She has also briefly dated wolverine, Colossus and in What If? # 114, Rogue and Captain America were a couple for a little bit.

9. Human Torch

Good old Johnny Storm. Women love the guy, I guess they find him really hot. That one was so easy and unnecessary. So Johnny has a long romantic history, one of the first relationships he had was with Dorrie Evans, there’s also Crystal, Rogue, Frankie Raye, Alica Masters, yup, the one that most famously with Ben Grimm, aka the thing. She and Johnny were together, but it really didn’t last long. Continuing with the list, there was Medusa, Namorita, Kourtney Keaton and even Ultimate Firestar, but she ended up leaving him.

8. KittyPryde

Kitty Pryde, also known as the hero Shadowcat. I think her most famous relationship was with fellow X-Man Colossus, although the two eventually did call it quits.

Some other people she has had relationships with are, Iceman, Spider-Man, in the ultimate universe, but he broke it off to be with Mary Jane. And one of her most recent relationships was with Peter Quill, aka StarLord, who she got engaged too, and she even took on the mantle of Starlord for a bit.

7. Daredevil

Matt Murdock, the man without fear. The devil of hell’s kitchen may be fearless, but that hasn’t helped in the relationship department, he still has had his fair share of breakups.

I mean, Matt and Electya have been on and off since, well as long as I can remember, and he’s also had a messy breakup with Karen Page. But that hasn’t stopped him from dating, Black Widow, Maya Lopez, Dakota North, Kritsen McDuffie, and on the Netflix show he was briefly with Claire Temple aka Night Nurse.

Man, I miss that show. It hurts me to think about it. Season 3 was amazing and set up Season 4 so well. Huh, but I digress.

6. Superman

Clark Kent, The Man of Steel. One of the strongest and most well-known heroes in the world. Even he’s been dumped or done the dumping. Even though Lois Lane is his true love, it doesn’t mean their relationship is perfect, the two have broken up from time to time.

Clark has also been with another very famous hero, Wonder Woman. You can easily watch movies on Moviehustle in the high quality result. Although some of their relationships were in non-canon stories, the two did date briefly during New 52, but now that technically didn’t happen with Rebirth? Superhero continuity, what can you do?

There was also Lana Lang. In the comics, those two have been off and on briefly, but oh boy, remember the TV show Small Ville? I’ve lost track.

But in the end, they couldn’t be together even though they wanted to, because she ended up absorbing a ton of Kryptonite. So Clark couldn’t get close to her anymore. But hey, it worked out, he ended up marrying Lois.

5. Wolverine

Even superheroes as grumpy as wolverine have had relationships. Of course, one of his most famous ones is with fellow teammate, Jean Grey. Which of course has caused tension with Scott Summer, aka Cyclops.

But, Jean Grey isn’t the only one. He’s also had relationships with Viper, Squirrel Girl, Melita Garner, Yukio, Storm and in an alternate dimension, even Hercules.

Although it’s not really stated that they broke up, Zeus did end up forbidding it, which doesn’t always stop people, but who knows. He also dated Mystique for a little bit, but it didn’t end well.

4. Black Widow

Natasha Romanova, aka Black Widow. One of the most skilled and deadliest women in the Marvel universe also isn’t immune to breakups. Like most heroes, she has had a lot of them over the years. One of the biggest ones is Daredevil, but one of the most shocking ones is Spider-Man.

They dated very briefly. It was after she was tortured by Hydra, and her mind switched to one of her cover stories, Nancy Rushman. And Spider-Man happened to be the one to save her, and well she fell for him.

It didn’t last very long though. There was also Bucky Barnes, aka the Winter Soldier. The two were together during their days in the Soviet Union. It didn’t last a long time, and they eventually parted ways.

In the MCU Black Widow also had a brief relationship with Bruce Banner. Although, that ended when Hulk went to Sakarr. She also dated Hercules, Hawkeye and in the Ultimate Universe, she was with Iron Man, although it didn’t last because she was actually secretly trying to get revenge.

3. Batman

Bruce Wayne, the billionaire playboy, turned superhero. You would think a guy that spends most of his nightlife out on the city, beating up criminals, wouldn’t have time to date.

Well, he does. Dear old Bruce, has made his way around the DC universe, and it doesn’t always turn out well. The dude has had a lot of breakups. I mean there’s Selina Kyle, who is arguably the most famous. I’ve lost track of how many times they’ve gotten together and broken up. Talia Al Ghul, who he had a kid with, Damian Wayne.

Andrea Beaumont, Lois Lane, yup you heard that right. In the comics, there have been times where it was just a ruse, but in Superman The Animated Series, it happened. Of course, they end up breaking up, but it happened folks.

Ok, so where was I, ah yes, Vicki Vale, Sasha Brodeaux, Chase Meridan and even Black Canary at one point. Which I’m sure didn’t Green Arrow didn’t appreciate. Speaking of which….that brings us to…

2. Green Arrow (CW)

Oliver Queen, another billionaire playboy, turned superhero. Before his days a hero, Oliver was a player. Honestly, we don’t know how many people he was within those days, but it was a lot.

But we do know some, and all the ones he was with and broke up with after. For starters, there was Laurel Lance, her sister Sara Lance, Helena Bertineli, Mckenna Hall, Shado, which I know wasn’t a formal break up, but when Ivo told Oliver to choose between her and Sara, Oliver chose Sara, so I’m including it.

It also caused a big problem with Slade, who of course also had feelings for Shadow. Ok, so back to the list, Isabel Rochev, Felicity Smoak, who he ended up getting back with, but they still broke up.

Samantha Clayton, who was the mother of Oliver’s son, William. There was also the reporter Susan Williams. Luckily, Oliver ended up finding a relationship that stuck.

1. Spider-Man

Peter Parker really gets around. Seriously, over the course of his superhero history, Peter has been with and broken up with a lot of different people. Let’s name a few. There’s Gwen Stacey, Mary Jane, Felicia Hardy aka Black Cat, Ms Marvel, yup he was with Carol Danvers for a brief time, MS. Marvel #34 and briefly touched upon again during Spider-Man’s Siege issue.

Back to the list, there’s also Betty Brant, Rogue, Debra Whitman, Carlie Cooper, Cindy Moon, Liz Allen, Michelle Gonzales, Kitty Pryde. And as I mentioned earlier, even Black Widow very briefly. He’s dated a lot of people and broken up with a lot of people.

Sometimes he does get back together with them. But it’s crazy to think that the guy that was the nerd who was constantly made fun of and bullied in high school has had so many relationships, regardless if they worked or not.

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