Best Cities for Traveling in Winter For Unforgettable Tour Experience

Best Cities for Traveling in Winter For Unforgettable Tour Experience

For a lot of people, the onset of winter means retreating indoors to wait out the cold while holding on to the hope of brighter days.

Those people don’t know what they’re missing out on because winter is a great time to explore, especially in Europe!

That said, here are a couple of great cities that you should travel to during the cold season for the most fantastic experience:

1) Rovaniemi, Finland

Are you a huge fan of Christmas? Well, who isn’t! Twinkling lights dangling across homes, the fresh smell of seasonal pastry in the air, and an infectious joy that spreads out wherever you look.

Rovaniemi in Finland is Christmas central as it is the “official” home of the gift-giving, white-bearded old man everyone loves, Santa Claus! Visit him in person before embarking on a unique adventure involving reindeers and a lot of fun activities on the snow.

2) Split, Croatia

Split has many impressive attractions toward the end of the year. The town’s Christmas markets are beautiful, while in mid-December, you’ll catch the Christmas Crusader Regatta over a “fritule” dessert and hot mulled wine.

You can even bet on one of the glamorous vessels to spruce things up a notch. Split is a great place to settle for those looking at houses for sale in Croatia.

The town is not only at a convenient location for many coveted islands but also has a lot of history and impressive architecture to offer.

3) Abisko, Sweden

The winter in Sweden is anything but mild. The night can go on for days on end, as the sky retains permanent darkness that sets the perfect backdrop for one of nature’s most beautiful phenomena: the aurora borealis.

Abisko is a place for serious winter lovers, and the northern lights offer glittering shades of yellow, and green (sometimes orange and white) that ensure the sun won’t be missed. The cross-country skiing in Abisko is delightful under the colourful sky.

4) Athens, Greece

Have you ever been to Athens over the summer? Well, it’s usually not a pretty picture. Crowds flock the iconic temples, and it’s hard to get some alone time and pull off a selfie.

There are no such problems in winter, and historical features such as the Parthenon are just as appealing without the attention.

You don’t have to worry about the intense heat, hiked ticket prices, and all the headaches that come with the high season. The weather isn’t too bad, either.

5) Budapest, Hungary

Quiet, winsome, friendly, and romantically beautiful during winter, Budapest is an excellent place for a family vacation or honeymoon.

Home to one of Europe’s largest skating rinks, Budapest ensures picturesque snow sports.

The Christmas markets, on the other hand, have the best-mulled wine, while the roasted chestnuts sold by street vendors are a delicious cold-weather treat to keep you warm.

You’re sure to love as well the impressive three-dimensional light show put on by the St. Stephens Basilica.

Save the date for next winter! If you stay indoors over the cold season, there’s a lot of incredible things you’re missing out on as these awesome cities show. Make plans for an unforgettable winter holiday at any one of them.

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