Beginners Guide Who Love Trekking At Brahmatal Trek

Beginners Guide Who Love Trekking At Brahmatal Trek

Trekking is one of the most loved adventure sports by youth and Uttrakhand is considered the best place for it. There are many trails in Uttarakhand but the easiest one is Brahmatal.

This is a trek with a smooth pace with some marvelous sights of mountains and ridges of Trishul massif, Ronti saddle, and so on.

This route is not only a mountain trek but it also passes through forest trails. Passing through the high and dense snow-covered canopy of pine, silver oak, and other mountain trees this trek gives you an experience of a forest trek also.

People get a chance to see a vibrant range of colors when it’s the season for rhododendron flowers to bloom. Forest gets filled with a nice smell with those freshly bloomed flowers in the non-winter season.

This trek appeals to you with its strange charm but before going to trek you need to make a plan and pack the appropriate things.

So here we are going to give you a brief description of the things needed and how things can be planned.

Before going to a Trek don’t forget that you should be physically fit for it. You will have to walk about 7-8kms a day with a trekking bag on your back and that will only be possible when you are physically fit.

For this, you need to quit smoking for a month so that your lungs can work fine. To build up stamina you can go for Morning Jogs.

The most essential thing should be that your backpack and shoes are waterproof or at least you should carry a rain cover with you.

Brahmatal is a winter trek, so there are high chances of snowfall. And snow means getting yourself drenched when it melts.

Always prefer wearing good and comfortable trekking shoes. Your shoes should not be slippery because if they are then you have high chances of falling down.

Shoes should not be uncomfortable also or else you might have chances of getting blisters on your foot.

The temperature there can be freezing, so make sure to carry thermals and layer up to fight the cold winds.

Also, you can contact any dealer there if you want shoes, trekking bags, trekking poles, and ponchos for rent.

Make sure to carry your First aid box, eatables, and water bottle with you while trekking.

So these were some essential things you need to carry while trekking. But now the most important question is how can you plan this trip. So your plan could be divided into 3 parts.

Part 1:

Initially, you need to get transport to go to Bekaltal. You will get any transport till Kathgodam but after that, you need to find a cab till Lohajung as this is going to be the base camp.

It will take 10 hours to reach Lohajung. On the way between you will get to some Garhwal mountains.

Part 2:

Trek begins from Lohajung and it will take you to Bekaltal. This trek is 5.8kms which approximately can take 5-6 hours to get covered.

This trail passes through Mandoli village, the Kali valley (where River Kali and River Pindari join), and a few waterfall streams.

Part 3:

Now when you are at Bekaltal you are very close to your destination. Initially, this trek has a steep climb into forests which then gets cleared in a meadow.

This meadow leads you to the Highest Point. This trek has 7kms which will take approx. 6-7 hours for finishing. During this trek, you will be able to see the Nainital and Almora side of the valley.

As you crossed the forest and now it’s time to climb the summit. This peak is at 12,250 ft. above sea level.

As you reach there You have a mesmerizing view of the Himalayas with Mount Trishul, Hathi, Nilkantha, Chowkhamba, Nandaghunti, Mrugathani, and various other peaks.

Indulge your mind in the calm environment of the Himalayas, a mythical location, and the peace of the forests.

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