9 Most Effective Food Blogging Tips For Beginners

9 Most Effective Food Blogging Tips For Beginners

Food blogs are widely popular forms of sharing your opinion on food and recipes as you want to show your skill.

But, it isn’t enough just to share recipes to have a popular food blog and become interesting to more people.

In this article, we bring you some of the most popular advice on how to grow your food blog and what you should do to become popular and gain attention from the public.

1. Choose Niche And Build A Story

The most important thing before starting a food blog is to choose a name and niche.

There are different topics you can write about, but when choosing the name, you should be creative and it should reflect your work.

What is more, try to be personal and share your story when you are branding. This can help you gain instant popularity because people love when you are honest.

You can choose just one main topic you will write about, like vegan food, healthy kitchen or you can run a regular blog; it is up to your preferences.

But, be sure that you have a recognizable style and logo that will distinguish you from any other food blog. This step is very important, so if you`re unsure how to do it properly, consult a professional for help.

2. Prepare A Lot Of Content

Being prepared is just one step you should learn how to manage if you want to post regularly.

Creating content seems easier than it is, so you may want to know that time management is extremely important if you want to stay regular.

Learn how much time requires to write an article, how much time you need to invest in a good photo or video.

Also, you should be aware of your personal life and balance personal and professional success. Also, when you are busy and feel uninspired, you can choose some of the premade content and use it as new.

The best way to keep organized is to make a plan which you can follow easily. Hang it on the visible spot and as you finish the task, tick and move to the other.

3. Produce Quality And Innovative Content

The content you produce should be quality and modern, so it interests readers. You will need to work hard, but to stay new and interesting; you should work harder than anyone you know.

Think about what may interest the modern public and what some unseen topics are. Also, do a quick research and see what is popular on social networks.

You shouldn’t copy anyone`s work, but you can get inspired. Creative content means that you are solving some of the interesting questions, whether there are new directions and new food, whether you try the food for the first time, or show some interesting and useful techniques.

Yes, you can write basic articles about some basic skills or leave a comment on something you find interesting, but be sure that you still have enough innovative and new content.

5. Post Original Photos

Photo is the first thing that will attract the viewer and make them read your content. When you post photos, be sure that they are authentic and very quality.

For that, you should learn some basics about composition, lighting, and colors. You should invest more money in professional equipment if you want to get mouth-watering photos.

What is more, try to use a nice background for photos, set a corner in your kitchen that you will decorate and keep tidy for taking pictures. The same goes for videos: the rule is to keep them short, interesting, and quality.

They will take you more time to do, but usually, people rather watch them as they are catchy and explain better, so invest more time to gain more popularity.

If you are unsure about your photo and video design, you should attend a practice where you will learn about everything you need in practice and which program to use to create or beautify an image.

6. Keep Positive Tone

Being positive on the blog is a very popular way to do it, so you need to show your enthusiasm and love for food. What is more, you should read comments and try to learn from them.

Even on rude and evil comments, reply patiently and politely, never fight or prove something over the Internet. Show others that you are just human and make mistakes, so turn them into funny situations.

People won`t mock you because of a mistake, they will laugh at you. We are all humans and sometimes clumsy, so it is inspiring to know that everyone makes mistakes and needs help in some situations, especially in the kitchen.

7. Be Authentic

Being authentic means you should create your content. As mentioned before, you can be inspired by something and then use it as a new topic for your blog.

If you have a longer theme then divide it into a few smaller posts and elaborate each part in more detail than you would do just in one post. Also, give your opinion and think about your look on a topic. Find your way of writing and communicating with the audience.

Always be grammatically correct, but you don’t have to be formal and dull, use a positive tone as you talk with friends.

When you write a recipe, be sure that you’ve tried it before and fill it with information and tricks that helped you. Be sure that you divide your content into visible parts that are easy to find and read.

8. Communicate With People

Communication is the key to gain the trust of your community. Read comments of readers and try to reply to them. Be active and reply to messages, especially on questions about recipes and the way you are preparing something.

Include the community in your work and ask them to tell you their impressions and send you their work. What is more, try to create giveaways and prize games where you will prize their loyalty.

You can use their questions and needs to write new content and find inspiration. Also, this can be a good idea to make a rubric where you can answer their questions or letters.

9. Promote Your Blog

Initially, you don’t have to pay much when you start a blog. Other than buying necessary kitchen appliances and shooting equipment, you don’t have to pay for a domain or web site.

There are plenty of choices where you can choose basic templates and still create a unique blog. Yet, if you want to reach more public, then you should invest some money in promoting your blog.

All social networks can make you an advert for your blog. The most important are search engines or SEO when you try to become the first on the list by searches.

Using keywords will help you get on the top results. Also, it is important to promote your social media account to grow the public and get more attention.

Once you grow enough, you can start to monetize your work and promote other products. Yet, be sure that you stress if you`re promoting something paid and that you promote only products that match your philosophy and are close to your work.

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