8 Questions To Ask When Hiring A Wedding Planner

8 Questions To Ask When Hiring A Wedding Planner

Your wedding day is the day of so much happiness for you. It is the day when someone is going to become your life partner.

Proper planning is required for your wedding. But it is not an easy task. Do several questions need to be answered for this like what catering menu will you craft? Which wedding venue will you select?

However, it can be very difficult for you to do all this. So, a wise decision is to hire a wedding planner for it. He will make your celebration successful. But which planner will be right for you?

It is necessary that he is a professional and has experienced too. Now I am going to describe 8 questions to ask when hiring a wedding planner.

1. How did he become a wedding planner?

Before making him work for you, try to know about him. Ask him why he entered this business.

If he is the right person you want and if he knows his job perfectly then he will make the people happy with his arrangement.

He will be an organized and selfless person. On the other hand, if his intention is to earn money only then he is not the right person for you.

2. What are his charges?

It can cost you a lot to hire him. But you can’t spend all your money on him only. There are various other things like cater hire and event venue on which you need to spend the money.

So, don’t go for a costlier planner. Do some inquiry for the services offered for planning a wedding. Then select a planner whose charges are under your budget.

3. What services does he offer?

The working of all wedding planners is not the same. Several services like planning for catering and arranging vendors of different types are provided by some of the planners.

However, some extra services are provided by others. If he is the right one then he will take care of your event’s all details whether these are big or small.

For example, he will provide you assistance if you want to plan for rehearsal dinners, bridal showers, engagement parties and several other celebrations associated with the wedding.

4. Is he familiar with the venue of your wedding?

If he is the perfect one then he will definitely have the experience of all venues in your area. If he has any previous experience of your venue and has worked there then it will be a right decision to hire him.

He can bring great success to your event by coordinating with the venue management with whom he has dealt with at some other event before.

5. Does he have any references?

Always check the references of a professional who you want to hire. Do the same for the wedding planner also. If he is the perfect one then he will not only give you the good references but will try to do more than that.

However, if is not able to provide you references confidently and clearly then don’t waste your time with him. Go and find someone else.

6. How many members of his team will be present at the event?

Check if your planner is bringing the stylists, coordinators or the assistants with him in order to handle all the things at the event.

As per the specific logistics of the wedding, the team size will be finalized by them. However, you need to ask the exact number of people in their staff that will be present at the event.

7. If he falls sick on the wedding day then what are the backup plans?

If the planner falls sick then how will he handle the event? Does he know a genuine person like him who can take the responsibility of making arrangements at the event? You need to ask all this from him.

8. When will you get the contract?

Receiving a contract is the last step of hiring a planner. It is necessary that the contract contains all the services that he will give to you in a written form.

In this way, he will become responsible for all the arrangements at the event for which he has guaranteed you. 

If you want to host a successful event then contact a good event company which can help you in making all the arrangements.

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