5 Things You Should Know About The Americaloc

5 Things You Should Know About The Americaloc

Gl300 Gps Tracker

The Americaloc gl300 is a tracking device and uses a global positioning system (GPS) to determine its exact location. Due to its small size and extended battery life, it is a highly durable device for tracking. It  is helpful for various tracking purposes such as :

  • Vehicle
  • Family members
  • Property
  • Spy purposes
  • Surveillance
  • Employs
  • Assets

Its powerful and long-lasting battery makes it an excellent device to be used as a GPS tracker. The unique thing about Americaloc gl300 is its compact size and long-lasting battery, making it the best tracking device on the market. It might be a bit confusing initially, but the user gets used to it over time.

Key features:

The prominent  features that make the Americaloc gl300 standout from other tracking devices are listed  below:

  1. Long-lasting battery:

This device comes with an 8760 hours battery pack that provides excellent battery timing and can be used for days or weeks rather than for just a few hours.

  • Real-time tracking: 

It provides real-time tracking with a tracking history of 1 year, and the location can be configured for location updates every 60 seconds, 30 or 10 seconds. Its vast tracking radius makes it functional across the United States, United Kingdom, and Europe through an international Sim card. It can be tracked through any device or simply through their application downloaded over Android or IOS.

  • Compact size:

Due to its small size and compact body, it is easily carried around. Whether you use it during hiking or tracking someone, it’s the best device that fulfills all your needs. Just place it in some small pocket, and you are good to go.

  • Inexpensive tracking plans:

This device comes with a two-month free subscription, and then the tracking plan goes for as low as $25/month with location updates every 60,30,10 seconds. And this device comes with a free shipping cost and no hidden charges; ready to use. Thus, the customers aren’t ripped off.

  • Durability:

Americaloc gl300 is a durable device with extra rigid protection that makes it stand out from other devices available in the market. Due to its rigid body, it can be placed in any pocket or bag pack and easily carried around. It is the device to be used for tracking, hiking, and spying purposes.

Other prominent features:

The other prominent feature this device offers is the graphical interface. i.e. it can be easily used by pressing a single button. Then it can display the location of the user. It is advantageous, especially when the device is lost.

It has a multi-lane transfer system and is extensively used by farmers in the agriculture sector. It has helped them to get a better hold of their lands for improved productivity.

The signals given out by the Americano gl300 are pretty strong. They thus can be transmitted over long distances, making it an extremely valuable device to be used for tracking compared to the others available in the market.

It also offers live trace and can pinpoint a car’s location even if it is hidden. Similarly, it can track people sitting indoors through infrared signals. It can be used to keep an eye on children or find someone who might have gone away.

This device’s key point feature is that it works silently so that it can be used for spy purposes as well. Moreover, the automatic shutoff system helps the device to shut off if something is wrong.


The Americano gl300 is easily accessible in the market and is available at stores like Walmart. It can also be brought online through Amazon. There are other reputed devices including a dual-camera dash cam that can be used along with the tracking device.

The Americano gl300 is currently priced at around $100-$140, but there is a fluctuation in the price so the at the latest price may be checked online.

All in all, the Americano gl300 is currently one of the best tracking devices available on the market. Due to its affordable price and key features, it stands out from the other tracking devices available in the market. It is one of the most selling and well-rated tracking devices in the consumer market.

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