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11 Affordable Home Upgrades For Under $100

11 Affordable Home Upgrades For Under $100

If you plan to sell in this highly competitive market, you will want your house to stand out. Therefore, simple upgrades can mean the difference between a sale and a pass.

Another reason why you might want to improve your home is for your mental health. Seeing the same dull tiles, outdated fixtures, and plain colors can be a drag. Instead, brighten up your space or find pieces that fit your personality. You will be surprised how a simple fix can uplift your mood and spirit. 

DIY Home Upgrades 

Here are our top 11 suggestions on where you can get started upgrading your home. Take inspiration from this list and get creative.

Paint the Front Door

Do you want a pop of brightness so your neighbors love your curb appeal? Consider painting your home’s front door a bold shade.

You will want to look at a color wheel and pick a striking tone that will go with the aesthetic of your home. Do you want a light and fresh feeling – maybe a soft yellow door will do the trick. Are you in a mysterious mood – perhaps a deep red door?

Update Cabinet Hardware

Are you living in an outdated kitchen with hardware from the 90s? That is one of the easiest and quickest updates you can make. Sure, that doesn’t seem like very long ago for some people.

However, this small change will have a considerable impact on your kitchen. Most hardware has standard spacing, so it should be easy to order once you measure the distance between screws in your hardware. In addition, you can order modern hardware from Amazon in a sleek finish to upgrade any cabinetry. 

Add a Bird Feeder

Please, don’t forget about the outside of your property – it can be just as important as the inside! When thinking about your yard, you want it to feel like an extension of the interior. One way to do this is to make it feel homey and welcoming.

A simple way to do this is to add a bird feeder. While you can’t necessarily bring electronics outside permanently, a bird feeder is a source of entertainment. You can watch your feather friends come and go, and it will also help you connect with nature.

Dress Up An Old Sofa

When we think of upgrades to our living room space, sometimes we first see dollar bills. Unfortunately, upgrading your furniture can be one of the most expensive things you can upgrade in your home besides appliances.

The good news is if you don’t have to replace your sofa – don’t! You can get slipcovers for pretty cheap online, which can change the whole feel of your living room. If you don’t need a slip, think about colorful pillows you can add to brighten up the room.

Try Path Lighting

Another way to add curb appeal is to make the outside feel warm and welcoming. An easy way to do this is to add outdoor pathway lighting.

You want the outside of your home to feel as cozy as the inside. Adding pathway lights is not only a warm accent to your yard but also a functional one. 

Modernize Old Exterior Features

Do your outdoor lights need to be updated? Add new wall sconces with an industrial look to your front porch. Do you have old locks on your doors?

Update them and match the metal finish to your wall sconces too! You can also find vintage exterior pieces at yard sales and second-hand stores. If this is the feel you are going for, check these places out, too, for an even cheaper upgrade.

Upgrade Metal Carports

When thinking of upgrades for your home, don’t leave out your metal carports and metal garages! You want your home and garage to match and look like they belong together. If you are upgrading your home's exterior finishes, make sure to have the same metal finishing on your Carports

Stain (or Paint) the Garage Door

Staining (or painting) the garage door is an excellent way to unexpectedly add a pop of interest. You will want to make your home and metal garage look like they belong together, so consider matching your front door with your garage door. It is a fun way to create aesthetic appeal outside so you can get rave reviews from your neighbors!  

Whitewash the Fireplace

Whitewashing a fireplace can take it from looking drab in old red brick to modern and clean with a whitewash. This simple hack will brighten up a space, depending on what else you have in your home.

That often looks best in a brighter room, or you can go for stark contrast if your fireplace is against a dark accent wall.

Build Raised Garden Beds

Adding greenery and plants to the front of your home is always a winner. People love seeing plants and trees outside, making a dull space come to life. You can also build a garden bed from recycled materials, bringing the cost down. However, if you can source all the materials, the soil and plants will probably cost more than the box.

Install a Stair Runner

If you’re looking to spruce up the inside of your home, one great way is to update your carpeted stairs. Unfortunately, stairs are a high-traffic area, and because of this, the carpet on stairs can start to look dingy quickly.

Rip up the carpet, exposing the wood underneath, and add a stair runner to your stairs instead. It is a cheap alternative while not having to refinish the stairs altogether.

Which Upgrade Will You Do First? 

You can complete all of these budget-friendly home improvements reasonably quickly. Most of these can be weekend DIY home projects!

The best part? You won’t spend a fortune on these home upgrades, but they will reap a considerable outcome in resale value — and pride! When enhancing your house, make sure you keep in mind the outside.

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Do you need some new metal carports or garages for your residential, commercial, or agricultural properties? You can trust professionals to manufacture, deliver, and install everything at the most affordable rate! 

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