You Love To Travel Take A Note Of The Best Things to Do in Pomona

You Love To Travel Take A Note Of The Best Things to Do in Pomona

The charming Californian city, Pomona is set between the majestic Inland Empire and breathtaking San Gabriel Valley.

Named after the Roman Fruit Goddess, Pomona is home to numerous cultural sites, historical attractions, and outdoor recreational pursuits.

Pomona may not be one of the most popular travel destinations. But you sure will miss a lot of things if you do not include the city in your bucket list.

So, we suggest that while making your Southwest airlines reservations for your U.S Trip, keep Pomona in your mind and take a day or two out of your schedule to explore the city.

Things to Explore in Pomona

If you are planning on a trip to the beautiful city, here are a few things you can do. Take a look –

1. Visit the Fox Theater

A premium concert theater, the Fox Theater Pomona is popular for its diverse collection of shows.

The theater is a go-to place for people who have a knack for music, drama, and other cultural activities. 

The best part is, the theater believes in promoting local talents and the performance by such local bands is quite noteworthy.

2. Explore the Phillips Mansion

Love historical sites? Well, the Phillips Mansion is a must-see for you then. A picturesque example of the traditional architecture, the Mansion was built back in 1875, in the Second Empire Style.

The name Phillip Mansion comes from its owner, Louis Phillips. The 19th-century mansion is the perfect definition of Phillips’ wealth as he was the richest man in Los Angeles of his time. 

Phillips Mansion is now under the registration of the National Register of Historic Places and is open for tourists and local alike for a visit.

If you are interested to know how the wealthy used to live back in that era, you should pay a visit to this beautiful mansion.

3. Take A Tour to The Latino Art Museum

Pomona and its lifestyle have a Latino influence in them. To understand the same, you should take a tour of the magnificent Latino Art Museum.

The museum brilliantly depicts several tales about Latino History and its culture and how it helped Pomona grow as a city. 

The Latino Art Museum strives to promote local art and artists. It also focuses on educating the community and tourists about the contributions of Latinos in modern art and history. 

The museum’s gallery is open for all and it rotates frequently with a collection of arts by different artists. If you wish to visit the museum, be prepared to be stunned by the variety and incredibility that the museum has to offer.

Take A Glimpse of The Farming Culture of Pomona At the Cal Poly Pomona Farm

If you are someone who loves to see fresh vegetables growing and often find himself mesmerized by farming, the Cal Poly Pomona Farm is the place for you to be in.

The farm is a popular destination for travelers to explore in Pomona. It produces seasonal fruits and vegetables every year, which are then sold in grocery stores and farmer’s markets.

Every year, Cal Poly Farm hosts several events. You can attend pumpkin patches or the flower sale festival or even get a chance to be familiar with all the animals that reside on the farm. 

If you wish to buy souvenirs for your loved ones back at home, you can shop right at the gift shop on the farm itself.

The gift shop sells various items like wines, cheese baskets, herbs, fresh fruits and vegetables, and many more. 

4. Visit the LA County Fair

The annual county fair in Las Vegas is one of the most prominent tourist attractions in Pomona.

Every year in September, the fair is held at Fairplex, a 543-acre fair gourd. One of the largest fairs in the entire United States, LA County Fair first took place in 1922 and since then at least a million visitors from across the globe attend the same. 

The County Fair has a lot to offer to its visitors. There is an operational farm, an outdoor miniature garden railroad, a massive carnival, and many more. We are sure you will never be bored once you enter the LA County Fair.

Excited to know about Pomona? So why not explore the place? Hurry and book your Spirit airlines reservations today! 

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