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What Makes a Great Insurance Agency in 2022

What Makes a Great Insurance Agency in 2022

As we drift away from the effects of the pandemic, insurance agencies are looking into ways to accelerate their growth strategies and maintain relevance in the modern insurance industry.

With the continuous development of technology, various trends are shaping the industry.

Let us look at some of the trends and items that define a great insurance agency in 2022.

Digital Tools

In a technology-driven world, possession of relevant digital tools is inevitable. These tools help improve operations and increase efficiency. An agency should keep up with various digital trends to achieve success. 

Some important digital tools for a great insurance agency include the CRM system, cloud storage tools, social media marketing tool, email marketing tool, and final expense quoting software. This software gives you access to all the information about your customers to help you sell the right product.

Proactive Cybersecurity Measures

In the wake of technological advancement, there have been many cyber-attacks. Insurance agencies use various digital tools and platforms to perform various functions, putting them vulnerable to these attacks. 

Common cyber-attacks affecting the insurance industry include ransomware attacks, cloud breaches, phishing, and social engineering where criminals lure you into handing over sensitive information. 

Therefore, a great insurance agency needs to have proactive cyber security measures. In addition, an agency can extend its services to cyber security insurance to help individuals and companies reduce financial risks associated with online operations.


To have a smooth insurance agency business, an agency must possess the quality of being trusted and believed. With an increased number of imposters and quacks in the industry, maintaining the credibility of your insurance agency is something to consider. 

Customers find joy and pride in a reputable agency that they can have unwavering trust. You can relate to the feeling of not receiving something that you have been promised, especially when you pay for an insurance service that turns out to be a scam.

An agency can improve its credibility by taking initiatives such as getting registered and delivering exceptional services to its clients.

Exceptional Customer Service

A great insurance agency should be capable of offering good customer service. It should keep its customers happy and reassured. Good customer service will prove vital to customer retention and more profitable in the long term. 

A small number of satisfied customers buying several policies are more profitable than many dissatisfied customers who buy one policy. Sales can increase through referrals and recommendations from satisfied customers to family and friends with good customer service. 

You can achieve good customer service by fulfilling promises, following up on claims to the end, being responsive, showing empathy to the customers, and adding a personal touch to the services. 

Putting the focus on leads and sales aside and getting more customer-centric is a desirable characteristic of a great insurance agency.

Technical Know-How

An insurance agency should have a vast knowledge of the industry. This knowledge will prove vital in helping your agency advise customers on how to avoid major financial risks. In addition to selling a wide variety of insurance products, an agency must understand these products’ tax and legal aspects. 

Some of the essential traits that define extensive technical know-how include exceptional financial planning, analyzing data and making appropriate decisions, understanding basic math concepts to make error-free calculations, and problem-solving. 

In addition, a great insurance agency should be capable of blending technical expertise with people skills. It helps an agency connect with the customers and offer a complete package of services.


A great insurance agency should be embedded with and contribute to the technological innovations and developments that aim to improve the efficiency of the insurance agency. 

Technologies dominating this category include Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, the Internet of Things, data analytics, blockchain technology, and mobile phone apps.

These technologies have made it easier for payment processing, managing claims, customer identity verification, smart contract formulation, fraud detection, and risk prevention. 

These technologies make it possible for an insurance agency to maintain relevance in the automation-driven world by efficiently providing services beyond the traditional scope.

Closing Thought

These are some of the items a great and successful insurance agency should have in 2022. Keeping in touch with technology trends and improving efficiency will help accelerate your agency to the desired success.

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