Trends for Men’s & Women’s Eyeglasses in Winter | Eyeglasses Frames

Trends for Men’s & Women’s Eyeglasses in Winter | Eyeglasses  Frames

If you’re planning on changing up your glasses for the winter months, it’s important you are staying on-trend.

It’s been several years since you’ve changed up your glasses or you would simply like to have a second pair of glasses for the winter season,

Here are some of the top trends in men’s and women’s eyeglasses  frames for the winter months:

1. Retro-inspired round eyewear



Round style eyewear is being coveted this year and there are a number of interesting and exciting models that have been launched for the winter season.

Round eyeglasses frames have become a popular choice amongst celebrities in the past few years and modern styling is beginning to deliver a soft spot for this distinctive type of classic eyewear.

2. The 70s and 80s styles:                           

The 70s and 80s styles are making a return for winter 2020 and the focus on these types of frames is a minimalist look that also emphasizes size.

The main shapes of the 70s and 80s have inspired new eyewear collections from many designers.

The oversized lenses are extremely stylish and they can include embellishments like gold and silver for a touch of luxury along with the frame.

The clean look that they provide as they float above the nose offers amazing clarity and the perfect look throughout the winter months for somebody that is interested in a retro chic.

3. Havana style:

This style of wooden eyeglasses in Canada marries together modern elegance and a classic and natural look. The thicker frames at in a focal point for the face and these are glasses which are on the true forefront of fashions for the season.

If you find the use of regularly wearing earthy tones throughout the winter months, choosing a delicate brown tone or warmer Amber will emphasize the shimmering along with the lenses and make sure that you can have the perfect complement to your outfit for the winter months.

Havana style frames will make you feel warm all the way through the winter months.

4. Subtle brow lines:

Subtle brow eyeglasses offer a fusion of modern and retro that go back to the fashions of the 50s and 60s.

These designs fell into a bit of a low through the 80s and 90s but have been brought back into a new style.

A simple brow line on glass frames is a great way to show off a bit of style without creating a frame that’s going to be seen as to luxury or too fancy.

If you like the idea of showcasing a bit of style while also paying tribute to an old classic, this could be the perfect look for you.

5. Translucent and tinting frames:



Tinting lenses have been very popular in the winter months to manage the effects of snow blindness and some of the sunnier winter days.

Translucent frames in the winters can be an excellent winter for the season but a new trend for 2020 is the idea of a tinted frame that can be matched
alongside transition lenses.

A translucent frame with a steel or titanium plate on the inside that is shiny can also be an excellent and classic fit that’s neutral for the winter.

Having some translucent frames over the winter months and the chance for tinting effects can offer you the best in comfort as well as style.

6. Bold frames:

Even though a bold and thick frame style was more popular in the year 2019, choosing exceptionally thick and bold frames can be a look that is timeless for the year 2020.

Wooden eyeglasses online can be a wonderful choice here. Bold styles stand out especially in the winter and this can be an excellent way to tie your glasses into your outfit well.

Pinning a heavier frame with sculpted facets, steps and textures can be a great way to showcase the look of your glasses and to offer the very best in fashion
improvements for your frames and glasses over the winter.

7. Corner squares:

As an abridged version of the round on eyewear, deep squares or thick rectangles cut out of the sides are a seasonal lens shape that is very popular.

This is not quite a teardrop look right it’s akin to the 70s teardrop style that doesn’t quite feel dated.

The round glasses are not fully round with a subtle change in the corner that puts them off centre.

The squares that are punched out of the corner add a new character to the glasses and can improve the look for a face shape that is not typically suited to fully round glasses.

The subtle change in shape appears much more modern and can be an excellent addition to your winter eyewear.

8. Cat-eye frames:



Even the look is quintessentially retro; cat-eye frame glasses can be a popular choice for the winter months and an excellent way that you could showcase a fun style of your glasses.

The Cat-eye shape can be a wonderful choice for several different facial shapes and they can give you some added fun to your outfit in the winter months.

These are stylish and subtle glasses that can be customized in many different ways to suit your outfits. Making the choice for cat-eye frames is a subtle nod to vintage style and an excellent way to tie modern fun into an older look.

9. Traditional thin frame:

For some simple reading glasses or Rx eyewear, a traditional thin frame rectangle style frame can be an excellent choice that is suitable and stylish.

Recto eyeglasses are timeless and getting a dark or bold look for the winter
months can help you leave a lasting impression as well as give you access to
the perfect glasses for occasional reading.

Traditional thin frame this year is best done with bold colour but a smaller rectangular frame style. 




If you would like to learn more about trends eyewear this year and the best new styles for the winter months, contact us today.

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